New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in phase 4

New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in Phase 4

New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in Phase 4

Marvel Movies are fantastic at a number of things from storytelling to character development and more they're easily one of the best film studios out there right now. The time Spiderman far from home wrapped up phase 3, barely any information about phase 4 was available. But at the 2019 San Diego comic-con Marvel Studios announced New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in phase 4. Beyond many fan-favorite characters will be returning to the big screen as well as some new heroes fans can look forward to meeting. It's time to reveal all the information that's out there about New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in phase 4 and how it fits into the timeline in the current MCU. 


New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list- Black Widow

About- Natasha Romanoff has had a tough time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since she first appeared in the movie Iron Man 2. No, it's not all of the enemies she's had to fight or the personal trauma she is overcome over the years. At first, even actress Scarlett Johansson admitted Natasha was little more than a character that she can do, just so happened to be trained as a spy. We have seen her making questionable romantic calls, struggling to find her identity and ultimately sacrifice her life to save the universe in Avengers: EndGame.

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Scarlett Johansson thought on Black Widow- Scarlett Johansson admits to feeling overwhelmingly sad about her character's end in the MCU. Scarlett Johansson claims her co-stars tried to comfort her by specifying that she's getting her own standalone movie but that's not quite the same. But that's not the end of Natasha's story, the Black Widow movie Marvel Studios has been talking about for years is finally going to be hitting theaters in phase 4. In fact, since all the way back in 2004 there was talk about Lionsgate creating a Black Widow movie because the character rights of Black Widow were not in the hand of Marvel Studios but the movie did not move forward and character rights again came back to MCU. It's going to release on November 6th, 2020. 

Timeline- Considering the last appearance she made in EndGame it wasn't surprising to find out that it takes place earlier to that movie. However, where Natasha's standalone movie on the MCU timeline still managed to be surprising. Many fans assumed the Black Widow movie would take place even earlier to Iron Man 2 and showcased Natasha's origin story and how she became a spy. According to Scarlett Johansson where we find Natasha in her life at this point is very specific. The events of Black Widow take place after the events of Captain America Civil War which was the first film in Marvel's phase 3. Isn't that surprising? After Natasha sided with Steve Rogers against the Sokovia accords, they essentially became fugitives who didn't come back until Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. What they had been up to during that gap in time remained a mystery but Johansson has given clue about what Natasha was experiencing and what Black Widow will show. 

Villian- Johansson describes Natasha as being in a dark place and fighting with her own self. She may be forced to take a long hard look at herself but Natasha isn't her own greatest enemy here. In fact, a highly anticipated comic book villain will be making his big-screen debut in the movie, "the taskmaster" also known as Tony masters. This villain has the ability to recreate the movements of those who fight with him.

Cast:- While Natasha will have enemies to face she'll also have allies who have never made an MCU appearance. Natasha is far from the only person familiar with the infamous Red Room, Rachel Weisz will be portraying Melina Vostokoff and Florence Pugh will play Yelena Bulova, O.T. Fagbenle will be playing the role of Rick Mason, and Red Guardian played by David Harbour.

More about it:- Fans are looking forward to learning more about Natasha and see her in action once again but there's one worrisome aspect of black widows place in the MCU timeline, what happened between Natasha and Clint Barton in Budapest? Marvel Studios has confirmed that the film will let us know just what happened to them in Budapest, an event that has only been mentioned in an imprecise way up until now. This could finally provide us with a piece of MCU history that has been missing since the first time it was mentioned in "The Avengers". So BlACK WIDOW comes under the New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in phase 4

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The Eternals(2020)

About- There are plenty of new heroes fans are eager to see in the MCU as well. Marvel Studios has been teasing us about an Eternals movie for quite some time. So fans were excited when it was announced to be taking place in phase 4. The Eternals movie is scheduled to come on theaters on November 6th, 2020 (Not Sure about it due to Coronavirus) and will introduce many super-powered characters into the MCU. The Eternals are characters created by Marvel Comics legend Jack Kirby who also had a hand in coming up with many of our favorites superheroes including Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and the Black Panther. They are the result of celestial involvement in the human evolutionary process, so although they look like humans but they have impressive powers including immortality but they also created their greatest enemy. 

Predictions- The axiom of the movie is that the Eternals must protect humanity from their dangerous counterparts the deviants. While it's uncertain exactly when this movie will take place the fact that most of the characters are immortal provides Marvel Studios with limitless options. 

Timeline- According to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, the Eternals will help fill in some missing gaps in MCU history. Only a little information about the Celestials is known thanks to the collector from guardians of the galaxy where he described them for some time and Nowhere is actually the severed head of one of those beings. Ego the Living Planet was introduced in guardians of the galaxy vol 2 and he helped show what kind of terrible power the Celestials have. Kevin Feige claims ego was involved with others of his kind at one point but he also says viewers will learn much more about their agenda and what they've been up to. It certainly seems as though the Eternals movie will be filling in some gaps in the MCU, Feige has stated that the Eternals will cover a long period of time although it's unknown how it'll coincide with the current day in the MCU 

Cast:- Let's take a look at the characters and actors of the Eternals. Angelina Jolie will be playing the role of Thena and claims she's thrilled to become a part of the MCU. She'll be joined by Richard Madden as Ikaris and Salma Hayek as Ajak the leader of the Eternals, as for the rest of the cast Kumail Nanjiani will be playing Kingo, Bryan Tyree Henry will portray Phaistos, Lea McHugh is sprite and Don Lee will be Gilgamesh but it's Lauren Ridloff character "Makkari" who represents an important Eternal character. First Lauren Ridloff is known for her role as Connie on AMC's The Walking Dead and now she's going to play the first deaf character in the MCU. 

More about it:- In the comic books, there's a period of time in which Hawkeye goes deaf and learns ASL(sign languages) in order to communicate. Many fans hoped this would be something incorporated into the MCU but it looks as though the honor of this momentous first is going to Makkari instead. Unlike many other high-profile Marvel characters, the Eternals are relatively obscure they never achieved the popularity of other heroes like spider-man or Captain America. But Marvel has done wonders with little-known characters before for example: look at how popular the guardians of the galaxy movies are and how much creative freedom the cast and crew were able to have, as a result, this combined with the all-star cast makes the Eternals a movie many people are very much interested in. So THE ETERNALS comes under the New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in phase 4

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New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list- Shang-Chi

About- The next movie in Marvel's phase 4 lineup is already causing controversy even though it's not scheduled to debut until February 11, 2021 "Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings" will introduce an Asian superhero named Shang-Chi to the MCU and will connect his story with the terrorist group The Ten Rings.

Problems of this character- Not everyone is excited about this and in fact, some fans in China are downright furious. There is no denying that as great as Marvel comic books are they come a long way since the early days. For quite a while their depictions of Asian characters were problematic and they were reduced to harmful stereotypes. Even Wong from Doctor Strange needed a major improvement from his original comic book origins. Shang-Chi is an especially troublesome character, since his father is the legendary fu Manchu or basically the essence of an Asian stereotype. For this reason, many fans believe Marvel Studios is making a mistake by bringing Shang-Chi and his story to the big screen but there are plenty of people excited to see martial arts master Shang-Chi on the big screen. 

Cast:- Particularly Chinese Canadian actor Simu Liu who was tweeting at Marvel Studios about this movie for ages before it was announced. He had previously complained about a lack of diversity in the MCU but now he's part of phase 4 which is a promise of greater diversity. 

There is no more information about other actors but whenever we get the information we will update it.

Villian- Not only will Shang-Chi in the "The Legend of The Ten Rings" introduce an Asian superhero to the MCU but it could also cover a popular comic book character many fans feel Marvel Studios has treated poorly in the past. Yes, we are talking about "The Mandarin". "The Mandarin" was the biggest rival of Iron Man. In comic books, Mandarin possesses ten rings that are inspired by alien technology. But in the MCU the 10 rings is a terrorist organization who kidnapped Tony Stark and Iron Man and continued to feel him trouble. Ben Kingsley played actor Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3 who was pretending to be as the Mandarin. Many fans were angry about not getting to see the real villain in the MCU but Marvel Studios slightly restored themselves with the one-shot all hail the king. This confirmed that there is an actual Mandarin somewhere in the MCU and he will be in the Shang-Chi movie. Up until now the last time the 10 rings were mentioned at the MCU was in the movie Ant-Man when the organization was interested in buying the Yellow Jacket suit in the movie. Could the Mandarin be acquiring technology to create an actual set of ten rings similar to the rings he uses in the comic books? It's an interesting question and there's another massive piece of information fans want to know about the Shang-Chi movie. Tony Leung will be playing the part of the true Mandarin in this movie but many fans questioned his relation to Shang-Chi. Will they simply be enemies? or will Marvel Studios rewrite history and to make the Mandarin Shang-Chi's father instead of the problematic Fu-Manchu? Although very little is known about the movie it's shaping up to be a solid entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings will introduce new characters into the MCU but there are some familiar faces fans are looking forward to seeing. So SHANG-CHI comes under the New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in phase 4

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About- The movie Doctor Strange was a hit when it was released in 2016 and many fans wondered why they didn't see a sequel sooner but a sequel has been announced for phase 4 as "Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness" will be hitting theaters on May 5th, 2021. Not only will Dr. Stephen Strange return but this film could answer an important question many fans have following the end of phase 3. 

Multiverse- Avengers: EndGame introduced the idea of a multiverse, something comic book fans are already quite familiar with. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Quentin Beck aka Mysterio claimed to be from another version of Earth, causing Peter Parker to delightfully explain that the MCU is a multiverse. Of course, it turned out Quentin was lying but what does that mean for the Multiverse? is it real or not? 

Difference between Beck's Multiverse and Original Multiverse- Doctor Stranges' Director Scott Derrickson was able to shed some light on that confusing question as Derrickson is returning to direct "Multiverse of Madness" and he requests all fans not to believe Quentin Beck's story of Multiverse. He stated just because Quentin Beck makes up lies about the multiverse doesn't mean it isn't real. This statement combined with the title of the movie sure makes it seem like this film with no doubt prove the fact that the MCU is, in fact, a multiverse. 

Timeline- Perhaps this movie will provide an explanation for the connection as well as an opportunity for these two powerhouses to learn from one another. Since Derrickson has expressed relief and getting Strange his origin story out of the way, it's safe to say this movie is not a prequel to the first. Following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Wanda, and vision went off on their own before Avengers: Infinity War. Based on this information it seems likely Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will take place following Avengers: EndGame. Although if the multiverse is involved, time could have surprisingly little relevance here.

Villian- He originally wanted comic book villain Nightmare to be the supervillain of the first movie and many fans wonder, if he'll be featured in the sequel it's possible the multiverse mentioned in the title could be a reference to the Nightmare Realm from the comic books. The previous film left off with Karl Mordo turning his back on strange and his former allies, bowing to takedown practitioners of the mystic arts. Well, it is not confirmed whether or not he's going to be returning for this film. 

Scarlet Witch with Doctor Strange- Another familiar face will be appearing in this movie and she's going to have a major part to play. Actress Elizabeth Olsen will be reprising her role as Scarlet Witch in the Doctor Strange sequel and although Wanda Maximoff might seem like an unlikely partner for strange, there is some method to this madness. According to Kevin Feige, Scarlet Witch has an absolutely massive amount of raw power but has had precious little training, in contrast, Doctor Strange is all about training and learning to control powerful cosmic forces. When scarlet witch was first introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron, magic wasn't as prominent in the MCU. Wanda's powers were attributed to the mind stone but they do seem similar to the powers used by Doctor Strange. 

Cast: As this movie is releasing in 2021, not much information is present about the cast. So whatever information I have, I will provide in this post but if any update comes, I will try to update it. Elizabeth Olsen will play Scarlet Witch, Benedict Cumberbatch gonna play the main lead as Doctor Strange, Chiwetel Ejiofor will be as Baron Mordo, and Benedict Wong will play the supporting role of Wong

More About it- Considering how revolutionary Derrickson describes the movie there's no guarantee that it'll be taking place on the main timeline. Although "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" will feature familiar characters, Derrickson has claimed it will be the first scary MCU film. Benedict Cumberbatch who will be reprising his role as the Dr. Strange character claims both strange and the audience will be encountering unexpected things which is a bold statement. According to Derrickson he was positively overflowing with ideas when making the first Doctor Strange movie but was forced to put them aside for the sake of providing Strange with a comprehensive origin story. Now that the origin story is out of the way Derrickson is looking towards bringing some truly terrifying beings from the comic books to the big screen.  So DOCTOR STRANGE 2 comes under the New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in phase 4. 


New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list- Spider-Man 3

About- After a tense time in which most probably spider-man might have gone to the Sony Entairtenment but it didn't happen as there again was an agreement between Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Studios to make another Spider-Man because of this, all marvel fans are thankful for it. Well, we are happy that only Sam Raimi's Spider-Man won't have a trilogy. Marvel's Spider-Man will also join the party. This movie is all set to be released on July 16, 2021. Kevin Feige has stated that the film will feature "a Peter Parker story that has never been done before on film" due to the Mid-credit scene of the previous Spider-Man movie. 

Villian- There are more chances that Kraven the Hunter will be the lead villain of this movie as Jon Watts(Director) and Tom Holland want him as a villain.  

Title- No title is confirmed by Marvel Studious but there are rumors that the name of this movie may be Spider-Man: Homeless, It sounds funny, isn't it? It will be the sequel of the 2nd Spider-Man movie in which he got exposed by Quenten Beck and it is interesting to know what will happen after this. 

Queries- There are other mysteries which is unsolved like why Nick Fury sent Skrulls? and why he was on another planet? But this mystery can be solved in other Marvel movies also. But the main questions are What will peter do now? What was Beck's plan? Where are his other teammates?  Will they come back to Marvel's Spider-Man 3? Well, we will get the answer to these questions in  one of the New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in phase 4 which is an UNTITLED SPIDER-MAN MOVIE 

Timeline- Most Probably the story will continue after the storyline of Spider-Man: Far From Home and will show how Peter defends himself from people and supervillains after being exposed by Fake news which was published by J. Jonah Jameson.

Cast- Actors and director of Spider-Man: Far From Home will return along with some new characters that may be introduced which are unknown and their casts are also unknown.
so Spider-Man comes under New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in phase 4


New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list- Thor 4

About- While some films focus on filling gaps in the history of the MCU, others move time forward like the fourth movie in the Thor franchise. Thor love and thunder will be released on November 5th, 2021 and it's safe to say big changes are in store for the MCU. In Avengers endgame Thor went through a bit of a rough patch following the decimation. Although he was able to pull himself out of it, he had no interest in sticking around to supervise new Asgard. Instead, he passed the responsibility over to Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson and took off with the guardians of the galaxy. Love and Thunder will show Valkyrie coming into her own as the ruler of the new Asgard. MCU has some interesting plans for the future of the kingdom. So THOR 4 comes under the New Upcoming Marvel Studios Movies list in phase 4.

Valkyrie- According to Thompson now that Valkyrie is king, she needs to find her queen so that will be her first order of business. She added that Valkyrie has some ideas on the subject and Kevin Feige confirmed Valkyrie will be the first openly LGBTQ(It is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning) superhero in the MCU. This comes shortly after director Joe Russo portrayed the first openly gay character in the MCU in Avengers: EndGame. Valkyrie may be opening up now but her sexuality is something that Marvel Studios has been dancing around for quite some time. Valkyrie was first introduced in the movie Thor Ragnarok and there was a scene cut from the final film that involved a woman sneaking out of Valkyries bedroom. There was also going to be a moment in EndGame where Valkyrie rejected Thor's kiss after he turned over the new Asgard to her. Although Kevin was reluctant to comment on how Valkyries' orientation will impact the story of Love and Thunder, he added that it'll contain a level of representation that he hopes will carry across all Marvel movies.

Romance and Jane Foster-  Speaking of romance Love and Thunder will also involve the return of Thor's previous girlfriend Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman. Her absence and Ragnarok was explained away with the mutual breakup excuse but now it seems that she's going to be back in action and she's graduating from Thor's love interest to being the Mighty Thor. The idea of immortal Jane Foster lifting Mjolnir might sound a little far-fetched but it has a preference in the comic books. Not only that but Thor supports Jane in becoming the Mighty Thor and decides to simply go by the name Odinson instead. Of course, Chris Hemsworth will be back as well. An appearance that bodes well for the quality of the film. His contract was up with EndGame but Hemsworth said he would return if he saw the right script and Ragnarok director Taika Waititi signed on to direct and write the fourth movie. Valkyrie being in charge of new Asgard and Jane Foster being Thor are huge changes but it definitely seems as though this project is in the right hands.  

Cast- As per the information I collected from Google, there are a total of 8 main characters. Among them, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Christian Bale as the main Villain, Taika Watiti as Korg. 
*Timeline of this movie is not confirmed yet

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