Everything about Marvel Black Widow Final Trailer

` Everything about Marvel Black Widow Final Trailer

Everything about Marvel Black Widow Final Trailer
Everything about Black Widow final trailer

The new and final trailer of Black Widow is on the internet now. Every true marvel fan is waiting for the next Marvel movie 'Black Widow'. After watching this amazing trailer, the excitement level of every Marvel fan has been increased. Black Widow movie opens the door to Phase 4 and the beginning of a new era after Avengers: EndGame. That is why you should know Everything about the new Marvel Black Widow Final Trailer before watching the film.

Timeline and Characters of Marvel Black Widow movie from its final trailer

Timeline of Black Widow movie is after Captain America: Civil War and before Avengers: Infinity War. We can also say that we will see many flashback scenes of Natasha and we will finally get to know what happened with Clint and Natasha at Budapest. It also introduces many new characters like Yelena Belova played by Florence Pugh, Red Guardian played by David Harbor, Melina Vostokoff played by Rachel Weisz and Taskmaster. There are also rumors that RDJ may also appear in the Black Widow movie. 

This Black Widow movie trailer Shows some climatic and perplexing moments which leads to many fan theories and questions. It is obviously one of the most anticipated movies of 2020 and it is predicted that Black Widow movie may bring $115 million at the box office opening weekend. Without wasting any time, let us start our topic 'Everything about Marvel Black Widow Final Trailer'

Flashback before discussing Marvel Black Widow final trailer

In the movie Captain America: Civil War, UN interfere in Avengers crime-fighting practices due to which, both Tony and Steve split up as they choose different ideology. This led to split in the Avengers team and the characters went to the side that supports their ideology. The characters who supported Iron Man were- Black Widow, War Machine, Spider-Man, & Black Panther and the characters who supported Captain Amerca were- Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye. However, there was not any hate between Steve and Tony but this war kept Tony and Steve apart for almost 2-3 Years. 
Now, in Avengers Infinity War, Every character team up to beat Mad Titan Thanos but But tony and steve have not met yet due to which Thanos complete in his mission to wipe out half population of the Universe. 

Expectations from Black Widow movie from the final trailer

Now, what can we expect from the Black Widow movie? Cate Shortland directer the Black Widow movie. previously she has directed Dramatic-Thriller movies such as Berlin Syndrome. So we can expect that the Black Widow movie is also going to be a Dark and thriller movie.

About Red Room

The last trailer and some scenes of Avengers: Age of Ultron shows scenes of Natasha in the Red Room but beyond that, Marvel has not mentioned about Red Room in other movies. In these scenes, we saw girls performing ballet dance, shooting at a target with perfect accuracy, trained at hand to hand combat but we still do not know about the Red Room in MCU like what is Red Room? What is its purpose? where it is? etc.

What exactly is Red Room in comics?

About Red Room in Comics

It is a Soviet training program that brainwashes women so that they can be powerful spies and assassins by strict and hard training  

More description about Red Room

Most probably, some of the parts of the movie will introduce every character and some of the parts will show the past and training of every character in the red room as well.
Red Room is also known as the Black Widow training program in which all girls at very young have to perform very difficult tasks to make themselves strong. Performing ballet at a very young age continuously so that they can be unbreakable, also they were forced to fight against each other in hand to hand combat violently where others have to watch. After practicing shooting at wood targets, sometimes targets were replaced by the real people so that they can conquer fear. During the graduation ceremony in the Red Room, the young women were sterilized so that they cannot reproduce their child. This was done because the person who runs Red Room thinks that women without family can be the deadliest spies or assassins as their main focus is to work as a spy not as wife/mother.

What is its purpose and how it is done??

Black Widow training program recruited 28 orphan young women with the legal intention to turn them into deadly assassins and spies. It is done in intention to infiltrate China and North America. In comics, It is done by brainwashing the young women and implanting false memories so that they can believe whatever they are doing os right.

Details about Characters in Black Widow Final Trailer

Details about Characters in Black Widow Final Trailer

Melina Vostokoff

Melina Vostokoff aka Iron Maiden played Rachel Weisz is a very wild character in comics and also she was against Natasha Romanoff. She was best in Hand to Hand combat, mind-blowing spy, knows multiple languages and also an expert in using different weapons and vehicles. Despite her these abilities, she has a strength level of a  normal human because she is not a got nor a person with Super-Soldier serum. She was just a normal person who became a deadly assassin after strict training in the Red Room.

Her states are very impressive but let us now see her origin story. At first, Melina worked as a Russian spy agent. She was always lived in the shadow of Black Widow when she started this type of work. Eventually, this led to an increase in hate and jealousy towards Natasha. After that, she left working for the Russian government and joined the group of deadly assassins. Iron Maiden's armor is quite impressive as it increases her strength and also protects her from any physical damage.

Yelena Belova

Yelena Belova played by Florence Pugh knows many abilities which make her a spy. Including Martial Arts, armed and hand-to-hand combat. She is a very flexible gymnast and also has high intelligence. She has her own weapons and tools like a device emitting high-frequency electric charges, tear gas pellets, spring label cables. Yelena Belova was trained in Red Room and she claims that her test scores were superior to those of Black Widow. However, at one point in comics, they became allies. 

There are many rumors that Yelena Belova is the next Black Widow in upcoming MCU movies. In the trailer, we see a shot of a woman tied to a table and about to be injected with an unknown serum. Perhaps she was being given the unknown serum to increase his strength or this serum was given to brainwash her or it is a type of serum that is beyond our imagination. Most probably she is Yelena Belova tied to the table. We are not sure about this serum but in comics, this type of injection is used on Taskmaster to make their power stronger while in some pints it is used to brainwash some assassins and spies. Let us have your thoughts in the comment section of what would happen to Yelena in this scene.


Now let us know who the hell is Taskmaster??
Well, I have already written an Article/Post About Taskmaster๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘ˆ where you will get a detailed description of Taskmaster. Now, I will explain to him but not in detail.

We have heard many rumors about Taskmaster but we still do not know who is playing the role of Taskmaster. We found some facts about Taskmaster since the trailer is dropped which may be missed by you. So first let us know about Taskmaster in Comics. 

Taskmaster is a supervillain character in comics who is also known as Tony Master. He has the power of photographic reflexes which means he can copy or mimic any fighting moves, styles of his opponent by just watching it with perfect accuracy. Tony Master came to know about his power when he was very young. He quickly became a perfect Quarterback by just watching one NFL match on the TV. However, his football career did not last long and became an underground criminal. He has some tools and weapons also like a shield which copied from Captain America and skill of archery which he copied from Hawkeye, claws copied from Black Panther. Well, these kinds of stuff can be seen in the new trailer. He also copied the landing style of Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. Ugh...Copycat๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ˜น!!! 

Taskmaster is not the only master in copying fighting styles or moves but he can also copy voice and accents knowing multiple languages. Taskmaster can use any weapons that his opponent can use as he can learn using that weapon by copying his opponent's fighting style. The only person who is capable of defeating Taakmaster is Deadpool because he is Deadpool you know๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ. 

Red Guardian

Black Widow movie also features David Harbour playing the role of Red Guardian/ Alexei Shostakov. David Harbour is also known for his role in Stranger Things playing the role of Chief hopper. 

I have already written an Article/Post  About Red Guardian also๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘ˆ where you will get a detailed description of Taskmaster So you can check it out. Now, I will explain to him but not in detail.

Red Guardian is a Russian version of Captain America but without any Super-Soldier serum. He is just a normal human with normal human level strength but a master in fighting skills. He got his training from KGB. The training he endures made him a cold man. In the comics, he even married Natasha Romanoff but in the trailer, he mentioned him as her father and this change in a relationship maybe his personality will be warmer too.

Thunderbolt Ross

General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross is also making his appearance in the Black Widow trailer. If you forget about him, then he is the person who approved Sokovia accords in Captain America: Civil War. As the Black Widow movie timeline is between Captain America: Civil War and Avenger: Infinity War, most probably he is keeping an eye on every Avengers after the implementation of Sokovia accords.

Special Appearance in Black Widow movie

Our most favorite and awaiting rumors is the return of our favorite Avenger Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr. We are not sure about this appearance but we can only hope it will happen.

Conclusion of Marvel Black Widow movie and final trailer

This is the most awaited movie for Marvel Fans as we will get to see the origin of Natasha's story and how her past incidents build a relationship with her family and Avengers.

I know guys many of you are disappointed as Black Widow movie is postponed because of Corona Virus. Not only a black widow, but every movie has also been postponed. So it is better to stay at home to prevent Corona Virus. 

So We hope you guys liked this post (Everything about Marvel Black Widow Final Trailer) and got information about what you wanted. If you have any idea, topics, complaints in your mind then you can comment it or simply can contact us through the "contact us" page. Stay tuned for more posts by E-mail subscription.

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