Everything about Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer in Detail

Everything about Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer in Detail

Everything about Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer in Detail
Everything about Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer in Detail

Every time that the Big Game spot trailer rolls around you know that you can expect a lot of awesome movie teasers. Including at least one entry from the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU). In 2018 we got a Big Game Spot for Avengers: Infinity War giving us yet another look at the coming of the MadTitan himself Thanos. In 2019 debuted teaser for Avengers: Endgame showing us more of the world post decimation. And in 2020, our first bit of official footage from Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer of three different  Disney+ Marvel TV/ Web shows including 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier', 'WandaVision' and even a little bit of 'Loki'. While short this 30-second long Big Game Spot gave us quite a bit to go off of in terms of speculation. Let's break down this teaser for the Disney+ Marvel shows. So here is Everything about Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer in Detail

Opening Shot of Trailer

Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer- Falcon

The teaser opens on a shot of Captain America's shield lodged in the trunk of a tree. As some hands presumably Sam Wilson's comes up and grasps Captain America's shield edges. It seems like Sam has been putting in some serious work learning how to use the vibranium frisbee/shield that cap gave him at the end of Avengers: EndGame. As the next shot shows him throwing it with all his might towards a far-off tree, probably that same one that he stuck it in the previous shot. 

Shots Of  Falcon & The Winter Soldier in Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer

Falcon, Bucky & Zemo in Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer
Falcon, Bucky & Zemo in Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer
We get the Marvel Studios logo which turns blue because of Disney+. Then a shot of some skydivers flying through the air with some wingsuits, as Falcon gives chase through what looks like a valley of some kind. Then there is this shot of Bucky Barnes pointing a gun at Helmut Zemo threateningly. Has he finally had enough will power and he's just gonna end this guy right here, right now? No probably not. Since in the next shot, we see Zemo's face as Bucky seems to drop all of the bullets very dramatically. 

Shots Of WandaVision In Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer

WandaVision in Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer

This is followed by our first bit of footage from WandaVision, showing vision in black and white. We had heard that WandaVision was going to have the aesthetics of old TV sitcoms and this seems to confirm it especially the 1950s style/ theme. Do that Wanda is rocking? This then quickly jumps through what looks like a bunch of different eras of television. Including 70's look, the 80/90's and also there is a  modern-day i.e., the reality in 2024 and another quick flash of Wanda wearing a very comic accurate version of the Scarlet Witch costume, complete with the classic headpiece and everything. There is then a shot of Wanda and vision seemingly newlywed and then this shot of a very pregnant looking Wanda Maximoff. There were some rumors have been talking for a while about the possibility of Wiccan and/or Speed the children of Wanda Maximoff and vision being introduced into the MCU. With a possible Young Avengers on the horizon, both of these heroes would fit nicely. However, with this looking like a sort of mental break alternate reality sort of situation for Wanda, a potential outcome that we could get from this would be a sort of reverse House of M. 

About House of M

House of M for those who don't know about this was a comic arc that saw Wanda snapping just a bit after the loss of her children. Leading to her creating an alternate reality and ultimately a sort of culling of the mutants within the Marvel Universe. Drastically reducing their numbers several numbers of mutants. What if something similar happens here? But instead of reducing the number of mutants, her mental breakdown creates the mutants as a way of introducing Disney's newly acquired x-men into the MCU properly. 

Further lending belief to the idea that this is all in Wanda's head is the shot when Wanda says "Vision Residence" in Black & White Television. It is showing Wanda looking like she does normally standing in front of the fifty style Vision 

About Captain America in Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer

New Captain America
Captain America in Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer
Then the shot is followed by a shot of Captain America. Probably Wyatt Russell as a US agent as the government-sanctioned replacement for Captain America. He is running across a football field high-fiving a dancing band member during what looks to be a halftime show of a game. We don't yet know exactly what kind of rolled US agent is going to play in 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier' but it is probably a safe bet that it is going to be somewhat antagonistic towards Sam Wilson, the one that cap choose to take up the role after Steve Rogers.

We get a montage of shots of the logos from the show including one where Vision and Wanda are standing in front of two cribs as pacifiers fling into the air comedically. Yet more evidence pointing towards Wiccan and Speed making their debut in one way or another. 

Shot of Loki in Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer

Loki in Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer
Loki in Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer
Then we get our one of the favorite character from 'Loki' showing Tom Hiddleston's Loki in a dark room. He is wearing what looks to be some sort of Prison Jumpsuit with his hands bound. His jumpsuit actually seems to say TVA, which could be a reference to the 'Time-Variant Authority'. An organization in the comics responsible for monitoring the multiverse. Since this is apparently the Loki from Avengers: EndGame who escape with the tesseract, making him an alternate dimension Loki, this reference would be appropriate. Loki doesn't seem to be too bothered by a situation though as he simply says that he's gonna burn the place to the ground, and then he smiles. 

About Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot trailer

Marvel Disney+ Big Game Spot teaser trailer gives us quite a bit in regards to at least what kind of tone we can expect from the shows. For instance, Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks to be shaping up to be a pretty intense, action and thriller. WandaVision is probably going to be a classic comedy. And Loki....., well it's Loki. No one can change Loki- The God Of Mischief. So it'll be exciting to see more from that no matter how it turns out. All that we really know for sure though is that we cannot wait to finally check the series out when they start streaming on Disney+. 
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