Vormir Theory- Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU)

Vormir Theory- Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel (MCU)

Vormir Theory- Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU)

Normally I would give a fair spoiler alert because we're talking about what happened in Avengers: EndGame and this fan theory can be true in upcoming Marvel (MCU)  Black Widow movie. But let's be honest here we've all seen Avengers: EndGame. Everyone on the planet has seen EndGame. What does a character have to do in order to get a standalone movie in the MCU? Well if you're Natasha Romanoff, you have to fall or drop straight down at high speed to your end from the cliffs of Vormir. But there is fan theory, which states  Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU). The Black Widow movie will take place after Captain America: Civil War which seems obvious after what happened during EndGame. But have we really seen the end of Natasha Romanoff? Is there a reason the movie glossed over Captain America's returned to Vormir to give Soul Stone? And could this hero (Black widow aka Natasha Romanoff) have managed to survive? Let's talk about how  Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU).  

Why do people think  Black Widow is not Alive in Marvel(MCU)?

Going into the movie we knew that going out to the Soul Stone would be a particularly very dangerous mission. Just look at what Thanos had to do in order to get his hands on it. He Sacrificed her favorite child to get Soul Stone. It was clear that someone was going to be sacrificed we just didn't know who and it turns out that we were not alone. Writer Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus agreed that someone was going off that cliff and briefly considered to sacrifice Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, or Clint Barton. They admitted that they balked at the idea of getting rid of the first female spy superhero. But when they suggested having Hawkeye to make the final sacrifice, the women on the crew weren't having it. It was not like Natasha met her end because she lost a fight. In fact, She managed to win her fight against Clint Barton. Just because the prize was not the one you would want, doesn't mean that wasn't a victory. She made a noble sacrifice which seemed like a fitting end to her story. Due to this many fans think Black Widow is not Alive in Marvel(MCU) 

Flashback Of Black Widow

Fashback of Black Widow

There was a time when black would have only looked out for herself during Avengers: Age of Ultron. She even suggested that She and Bruce should run away together which was pretty awkward. But after Thanos wiped half of the universe, she stuck around and kept the remaining heroes together as much as she could. It was a way of showing how far she had come, but does that mean she really had to go? Even fans who think this was a fitting end, don't necessarily think it was handled well in the movie. 

Since she died before the final battle, her passing was definitely overshadowed by all the craziness that happened afterward and at the final battle. And unlike Tony Stark, she didn't even get a funeral or any indication that people were aware of the death of Black Widow. Smart Professor Hulk told Clint he couldn't bring her back with the Infinity stones but that was really it. Yes, she was a secret agent at one point but she was also an Avenger and people definitely knew who she was. The specter of Tony Stark was all over Spiderman: Far From Home but nobody even mentioned Natasha at any point. 

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Deleted Scene of Avengers: EndGame

There was actually a scene cut from the final movie which made Natasha's passing scene a lot more dramatic. While Clinton Natasha argued about who should sacrifice themselves, Thanos and his army arrived and things got hectic. When Natasha approached the edge of the cliff, she took some serious blows and Clint had to deal with Thanos while simultaneously taking in his loss. But needless to say, this over-the-top confrontation didn't end up happening in the final movie. You can watch this deleted scene and other deleted scenes of Avengers: EndGame on YouTube.

Natasha's sacrifice

Sacrifice of Black Widow

It's not hard to see how Natasha's sacrifice fit into her story art and made sense for her character. Her relationship with Clint and his family was well established. So this was all believable but bringing her back to life wouldn't withdraw from her sacrifice. She fell off the cliff fully believing it would be the end for her. It's kind of like Steve Rogers throwing himself on to what he thought was a live grenade in Captain America: The First Avenger. Even though it was just a test, it was a great way to illustrate his moral determination. 

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How Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU)?

But how could Natasha still be alive? Well, this is a fictional universe based on comic books. Do you have any idea how often people lose their lives and come back to those things? Seriously it's one of the most common tropes out there. Other than poor old Uncle Ben, most characters vanish only to reappear sometime later with some kind of complex explanation. During an extremely unfortunate multiversal phenomenon known as an incursion, Natasha lost her life when her spaceship exploded. But don't worry she got better. Eventually, the multiverse was restored and our hero was right as rain again. Considering that the multiverse is now a thing and time travel has been introduced into the MCU, it definitely seems like the movie universe is becoming more and more similar to the one we know from the comic books. Since these other elements have been successfully introduced to the MCU then it's not crazy to suggest that maybe passing away is less than final. Just look at Loki who definitely looked gone in Avengers: Infinity War, yet managed to sneak away to his own show during Avengers: EndGame. Now just look at what happened to Gamora. She definitely seemed as gone as she could possibly be during Avengers: Infinity War. She didn't sacrifice herself but her father sacrificed her by pitching her off the cliff on Vormir to obtain the soul stone. But if it helps he did feel bad about it. 'Okay, that doesn't help at all'. But the point is that she (Gamora) definitely seemed 100% gone and going into EndGame, her fate appeared pretty certain. Yeah, thanks to the magic or perhaps the science of time traveled she's still alive. Both of the cases happened because of time travel in Marvel (MCU). Thanos from 2014 found his own way into the present-day MCU and brought along the 2014 versions of Gamora and Nebula. 

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Could time-travel explain how Black Widow is still alive in Marvel(MCU)

Vormir Theory- Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU)

After all, there is another important scene we didn't get the chance to see during EndGame which involves time travel. Avengers EndGame was an amazing movie but it was also a raw really long one. Even though it was just over three hours long there was plenty of stuff we didn't get to see. When smart Hulk went for the time stone, he got it but not before receiving a stern lecture on the dangers of time travel from the Ancient One. She explained that taking the stones from their proper places in the timeline would create alternate universes that could ultimately be doomed. He agreed to return the stones once half of the population return back. Thanos was defeated and Steve Rogers ended up being the person chosen to return the stones to their timelines. We got to see a brief and satisfying scene of him finally getting that dance with Peggy Carter. But what about delivering the soul stone? Time Travel can make Black Widow alive in Marvel (MCU) 

Vormir Theory- Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU) 

Out of all the Infinity Stones, this was the returning would have most liked to see. After all the soul stone was being guarded by Steve's old rival 'the Red Skull'. How do we miss out on getting to see that awkward reunion? Once the soul stone was gone the red skull had technically fulfilled his role as its guardian. But how was he going to get home? The space stone transported him on Vormir and without it, he's kind of stuck. Without anything to guard he's just a weird red-faced guy in a robe hanging out in the middle of Knowhere. If something happened when Steve returned the soul stone, we wouldn't have been able to see it. It's possible that a returning the Infinity stone could have revived Natasha Romanoff somehow. It might not seem likely but we're talking about infinitely powerful magical rocks here who really know all the rules. It seems like the only person who does is 'the Red Skull' who's now out of the job. Of course, Steve would have had to have left his friend Natasha stranded but perhaps he didn't realize that the soul stone had revived her. This is one of the reasons why Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU) 

Vormir Theory- Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU): 2

That's one possibility but another way for Natasha to come back would be through straight-up time-travel, the same way Gamora did. Even though Gamora was technically alive at the conclusion of Endgame, she was not really the Gamora we all know and love. This version was from a period of time before she became a founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. This another reason why Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU) 

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Gamora and Natasha

Gamora and Natasha

Despite being from different planets, Gamora and Natasha are similar in a lot of ways. They were brought up in a less than loving environment and trained to be merciless weapons for other people/organizations. They were both lacking on the friendship front for most of their lives before becoming dedicated members of teams. If we ended up getting pre Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora back, then why can't we have the earth version of this character back? It's entirely possible that messing around the timelines and time travel during Endgame as nice as it was seeing Steve and Peggy together, there's definitely a chance this had some kind of impact on the timeline. That's just the beginning of the weird time travel multiverse smashing action that's coming our way. 

Vormir Theory- Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU) : 3

The Infinity stones might be gone all intents and purposes but according to the Russo brothers, they're not really gone for good. They claim that even Thanos couldn't destroy them at an atomic level. So they still exist in a sense. If that's true then maybe the soul stone is preventing Natasha from leaving Vormir whether she was revived there or whether she ended up there through some time-travel multiversal stuff. After all, it kept the Red Skull there for quite some time and we all know the stones have their own will. Even if we're not always sure what it is. 

It is also entirely possible that she just can't escape because she doesn't have a spaceship. It's not as magical of an explanation but it makes perfect sense. Tony Stark and nebula ended up trapped in space after Infinity War and they had a spaceship that not even Tony could fix. If the Smartest character in MCU couldn't get out of that situation, then what hope does Natasha have? Somehow we don't think she and the Red Skull are going to be able to get off that planet if indeed they're still there. This is another reason why Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU).

Timeline and cast

Having Black Widow still exist in the MCU would definitely add a poignant layer to her standalone movie. Although it will undoubtedly shed some light on her past including what happened to her and Hawkeye in Budapest, it takes place after she made her debut in the MCU. It's said at the time following the Civil War but before the beginning of infinity war but a stacked with comic-book characters like the TaskmasterRed Guardian, Rick Mason, and Yelena Bulova. It's clear this movie is going to reveal a lot about Natasha's past which is kind of bitter-sweet knowing what happens to her later on. Either she fell to her doom during EndGame or she somehow managed to survive and is trapped in Vormir.

Scarlett Johansson on Fan theory of-  Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU) 

Johansson on Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU)

She says that Natasha's ending gave her a sense of closure but she understands why many fans hope the Black Widow is still alive. But then she proceeded to those hopes against the clips of Vormir by describing her end as a pretty final thing. Apparently, Scarlett is unimpressed with all the fan theories out there regarding Black Widow managing to survive. But there are couple shreds of hope we can hold tightly to hear. The first is that her comments about the permanence of passing away are only true in the real world. Yes, when people die here, they don't come back at least not in the way they do in certain works of fiction. This was the view of Scarlett Johansson on "Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU)" 

What if Black Widow is really Alive in Marvel(MCU) 

Neither one of those options is very cheerful especially for a character who sacrificed so dang much to keep the world safe. But if we are talking about a previous version of Natasha then it's possible she hasn't yet made all of those sacrifices. Maybe she hasn't yet become the hero we'll see in the Black Widow movie who has the benefit of her years with The Avengers. Sure there were definitely some bad times like pretty much everything that happened during Civil War but there were absolutely some good times too and it's clear Natasha changed quite a bit over the years. In fact, depending on how much the timelines been goofed up, this version might be a foe rather than a friend. This can be true if Black Widow is Still Alive in Marvel(MCU) 

A lot of storylines in the comic books where Natasha is less than heroic and is in fact downright criminal. If she rejoins the MCU on the current timeline, it's just as possible that she'll be a villain rather than a hero. Actress Scarlett Johansson has portrayed the character for years and needless to say, she's gotten pretty attached. So what does she think about the odds that Black Widow will show up on the current timeline outside of her standalone movie or any future flashbacks? According to Scarlett Johansson filming EndGame left her feeling wiped out both physically and mentally. And she missed out on the big final battle sequence, so you can just imagine how all the other actors felt.

Is really  Black Widow Alive in Marvel(MCU)

But in the comic books that are definitely not true. People come back all the time from multiverses, merging time-travel or because their essence lived on and was later transplanted into a clone. Maybe she's just thinking realistically about this fictional character Plus of Johansson knew there was a chance of her character being revived which you really have spilled the beans during an interview. This star isn't known for leaking important MCU information like Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland. And Black Widow still being alive would definitely be a huge deal. So maybe she's still alive and Johansson wants to keep her that way by not spilling the beans. If Black Widow is still alive, it makes sense that Johansson would not reveal this during an interview. She's also talked about how her passing was honorable which is absolutely true regardless of whether or not her loss is permanent. But as much as we hate to admit it, it's possible that Black Widow really is gone. Because Johansson's contract will over after the Black Widow movie. But as Multiverse is set up in MCU, anything is possible.
So, here can we say that  Black Widow is not Alive in Marvel(MCU). 

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