Thor vs Captain Marvel: Who is the Most Powerful Avenger?

Thor vs Captain Marvel: Who is the Most Powerful Avenger?

Thor vs Captain Marvel: Who is the Most Powerful Avenger?

Hello friends, how's it going? Today we're gonna talk about Captain Marvel vs Thor specifically including Binary versus Stormbreaker in a sense. When Kevin Feige gave his announcement that Captain Marvel would be the most powerful hero in the MCU, many met this news with confusion. And many Marvel fans want to know what would happen if really there is a fight between Thor and Captain Marvel (Thor vs Captain Marvel) and Who is the Most Powerful Avenger? For the sake of this comparison, we're gonna judge them by strength, speed, durability, fighting abilities and energy abilities. So here is Thor vs Captain Marvel: Who is the Most Powerful Avenger?

STRENGTH- Thor vs Captain Marvel

Thor- For the strength of the peers that Thor should probably win this one on the surface just based on a lot of his factors. I mean Thor beyond being the strongest of all the Asgardians, he has showcased a lot of achievement with noticeable feats (achievement) being him lifting a falling car that went on without effort. Fighting toe-to-toe against the Hulk with and without the use of Mjolnir. And also crushing iron man's mark six armor back in the first Avengers movie when they first met. His strength also can be seen in Thor: Ragnarok when he effortlessly throws a scavenger hundreds of feet away with one arm. 

Captain Marvel- Captain Marvel from what she showcased in her own film didn't really show superhuman strength to the degree of Thor. The most of her power she really showed was when she stopped the Kree missile while it was heading towards Earth. It seemed impressive because it had its own propulsion system and she basically stopped this entire momentum. Then she threw it back while she also started punching through a bunch of ships and all that good stuff. So you could make the argument that maybe she is stronger and she has more potential feats of strength that can be showcased. 

We have also seen his powers in Avengers: EndGame when destroyed Thanos' Ship and stoped Thanos. While Thor was not able to stop Thanos. But we have to keep in mind that Thor was Drunk and Fat and was not fit. And we didn't get to see a lot of them because for most of Captain Marvel she had the Kree limiter on her neck keeping her from accessing all of her abilities. But really to that we say, she has vast energy abilities but her strengths and all that stuff we still think is that much lower than Thor. We think she has superhuman strength but we still think Thor is stronger. Another reason we can say Thor is stronger because he is a God, God of Thunder. While Captain Marvel got her power by Tesseract. 
So if there is Thor vs Captain Marvel, then the most powerful avenger in this category will be Thor 

SPEED- Who is the Most Powerful Avenger?

Thor- When we get to speed is kind of a different story because while Captain Marvel's running it appears to be kind of normal like a regular person running. But her flight speed is miles beyond Thor's, technically when you don't consider the Bifrost. And you really can't consider the Bifrost in this because it's not like Thor while in the Bifrost can just easily change passage and things like that. It's kind of a metro like kind of style transportation where he kinda has to go one way. If he wants to go somewhere else, he has to wait until he arrives at the other destination or things can happen as we saw in Thor Ragnarok when he fell on the planet of scavengers. 

Captain Marvel- Now for Captain Marvel though it makes a lot of sense to move through the speed of light for sure considering the energy, she absorbed during her accident stems from a Lightspeed engine based on the energy of the space stone. She also showed the ability to go from ground level to space within seconds. So it's a soon by dialogue in the film that she could probably move upwards of the speed of light just like the light speed engine from where she gets all her powers. 

Thor can still really fast. He can fly beyond the speed of sound if he has Mjolnir. And probably with Stormbreaker, he can fly with the same speed of Mjolnir. With Stormbreaker, he can summon the Bifrost which arguably allows faster than light travel based on how far the two places are. Thor can move from any place to any place with the help of Stormbreaker even from one corner of the universe to another corner. However due to Carol's speed without any external weapon and also her being able to effortlessly just start flying at such fast speeds, we feel like she edges out Thor in this category.
So if there is Thor vs Captain Marvel, then the most powerful avenger in this category will be Captain Marvel

DURABILITY- Thor vs Captain Marvel

Thor- He's shown in past films such as Thor: The Dark World and Infinity War. In Thor: The Dark World, he takes an absolute punishment from curse without much visible damage. Along with him withstanding direct blast from the reality stone. And in Infinity War, he endures the power of the Nidavellir star, and also direct contact with the power stone being pressed against his head by Thanos. So those two things obviously put him at an extremely high tier of damage resistance. Along with that damage resistance, he also has a very impressive healing factor allowing him to heal from potentially more wounds in seconds. This best healing factor scenes can be seen in the first Thor movie when he got Mjolnir against destroyer after becoming worthy. And in Infinity War when his body gets burnt due to the effect of Nidavellir star but quickly recovers when he holds Stormbreaker.

Captain Marvel- Captain Marvel, on the other hand, seems basically invincible due to her abilities especially when she has the power of energies. I mean before she had her limiter removed, she did already show a high degree of durability. When she fell from the atmosphere through a blockbuster store onto the ground without basically any discomfort. And when she did have her limiter removed, she was able to survive in space without any extra assistance. Also had been able to just smash through cruise ships Kree missiles without any damage to herself or discomfort. Actually the opposite, she was enjoying it. She was whooping and hollering like a kid on a roller coaster. Anyone can say how much she was enjoying it. So we think based on this and also dialogue in the film, they make it sound like she's practically invincible to physical damage in her full power states. So we can say that this is more of a tie. 

We feel like you could argue for one over the other like if you're arguing for Thor, arguing for him would pretty much just be pointing out more feats. But Captain Marvel's feats allow a more minimal but are pretty impressive in their own right. When you consider she gets her powers from the Infinity stones as well, it automatically kind of puts her at a higher tier of being for a lot of things. Such as durability, energy manipulation, things like that.
So if there is Thor vs Captain Marvel, then there will be a tie in this category

FIGHTING ABILITY- Who is the Most Powerful Avenger

Captain Marvel- Now for fighting ability, I think Thor wins this category with ease. I mean Carol was able to fight many most skilled Srull warriors even with her hands bound. But she also still had trouble defeating Yon-Rogg in combat. Beyond that her experience in the field for missions was minimal due to the supreme intelligence deeming her emotions which disturbed her focus. 

Thor- Thor, on the other hand, has been fighting various aliens and threats across the galaxy for over a thousand years. Thor actually makes him mention to this when he tells rocket raccoon "I'm 1500 years old I've killed twice as many enemies as that and every one of them would have rather killed me but none succeeded". Thor also has physical strength, he's able to take down multiple shield agents during 'rushing towards Mjolnir' moment in the first Thor film. Basically making some of the most highly trained professionals in the world-beating so easily and look like a bunch of minimum-wage small cops. so because of this, I feel like Thor is best for this Category. 
So if there is Thor vs Captain Marvel, then the most powerful avenger in this category will be Thor

ENERGY ABILITIES- Thor vs Captain Marvel

Thor- For energy abilities, this is where it gets really interesting. So I think Thor and Carol may still meet to a certain extent. This is just due to the Stormbreaker's performance was against Infinity Gauntlet. And there is been some rumors that maybe Eitri made Stormbreaker summon the powerful blast of the Infinity Gauntlet and other abilities. This theory seems to be true also as he did make the Infinity Gauntlet as well. However, even without the ax (Stormbreaker), Thor does have natural energy projection and manipulation relating to electricity and lightning. God of thunder aka Thor can summon lightning bolts which are powerful enough to destroy the Rainbow Bridge or the Bifrost. He even damaged Hela by lightning bolts and even release burst electricity from his body while already summoning other lightning strikes around him. 

Captain Marvel- For Captain Marvel, her energy abilities are basically the foundation of all other abilities. Her photon blast seemed pretty powerful they'd seen the equivalent to basically a blast from a weapon involving tesseract energy. It makes a lot of sense considering tesseract weapons are based on the tesseract just like her powers indirectly are based on the tesseract energy as well. As shown in Captain America: The First Avenger Tesseract could vaporize a human or a superhuman (skull) in a single blast. However, it did show a weakness of vibranium as Tesseract was not able to put a scratch on Captain's shield. And also Thanos was able to break Tesseract easily without any damage to him. While Stormbreaker was able to make Thanos bleed in the Infinity war. 

So like Thor, Captain Marvel can use her energy abilities which enhance her physical blows. We would personally say that captain Marvel's energy abilities are greater than Thor's since they come from an Infinity stone. Although storm breakers have the ability to cut through the Infinity stones energy. It blasts may provide him an advantage allowing Thor to defeat Captain Marvel. So because of this, we think that maybe we would give it to Thor in this instance. 
So if there is Thor vs Captain Marvel, then the most powerful avenger in this category will be Thor

Thor vs Captain Marvel: The Most Powerful Avenger in Comics

The most obvious thing to do when comparing two superheroes is to look at their fights between each other in comics. But strangely Thor hasn't actually fought Carol Danvers. We could instead look at when Thanos fought the Avengers and knocked out Captain Marvel while she was binary with one punch. He then proceeded to fight Thor right afterward. Thor then hit him with two strikes of lightning struck him with a crushing blow from Mjolnir and told him that only one of them would survive this. Eventually, Thanos would deliver a crushing punch to Thor but unlike binary (Capainn Marvel) Thor would remain conscious and then proceed to remain standing longer than anyone else as Thanos unleashed cosmic energy. When Captain Marvel was at her absolute strongest, Thanos brushed her off like a gnat. And then right after that Thor fought the MadTitan Thanos one-on-one posing a greater threat than anyone else had. 

Marvel's Official Website on Thor vs Captain Marvel: Who is the Most Powerful Avenger?

Kevin Feige has declared that Captain Marvel will be the most powerful hero in the MCU. Now Kevin Feige is free to do whatever he wants in the MCU  but this doesn't fit in with the comics. So I'm going to show you just how outmatched Carol Danvers is when compared to the God of Thunder When Kevin Feige gave his announcement that Captain Marvel would be the most powerful hero in the MCU many met this news with confusion. Since Captain Marvel wouldn't exactly be on the high end of the most powerful Avengers. Comparing her to Thor is like comparing Green Lantern to Superman. That means she's powerful but she's never going to be that powerful. If you don't believe me well then let's look at what Marvel has to say on the matter in Marvel's most recent power grid on Thor completely outmatches Captain Marvel matching her or outmatching her in every single category except for one. In fact, if we go back and look at all of marvel's official power grids Thor has always come out on top of Carol Danvers. so even Marvel themselves believes that Thor is more powerful than 01:35 Captain Marvel.

Thor vs Captain Marvel: The Most Powerful Avenger- Power Grid
Source- Marvel

So we can conclude that Thor would win on paper against Carol in Thor vs Captain Marvel and the most powerful avenger will be Thor 

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