Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir

Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir

Superheroes love to prove their worth whether by saving people or fighting out the most dangerous being Thanos who want to wipe out half of the population of Universe. And Mjolnir is the standard-bearer for worthiness. When you think of the mighty and powerful Warhammer known as Mjolnir(Hammer of Thor). The character who comes to mind immediately by listen being worthy to lift Mjolnir is usually Thor. The god of thunder is without a doubt the most common wielder of this powerful item but he's not the only one capable of wielding it. In fact, some fans believe several Marvel heroes are actually more worthy than Thor himself when it comes to swinging the Asgardian weapon around in battle. In this post (Worthy or Unworthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir), we'll be looking at a handful of those characters some of whom have already lifted and you'll near as well as some who haven't lifted. So let's get started (Worthy or Unworthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir)

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Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters to Lift Mjolnir-Captain America

No list of characters more worthy of Mjolnir than Thor would be complete without Captain America. Steve Rogers is widely considered to be the most wholesome and pure of heart of all the Avengers. So it's no surprise that he's been able to lift Thor's hammer on more than one occasion in the comic books, three to be precise. Most notably he utilized the weapon in a battle against the serpent and he was even able to lift it in the "Secret Empire" story. It came as something of a shock than in 2015, when the MCU version of Captain America attempted to lift Mjolnir in Avengers: Age of Ultron and failed. And as it turned out he was actually faking being unable to lift it. So Thor continued to feel special and Steve Rogers was able to wield it against Thanos in 2019 Avengers: EndGame. So, Captain America is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir.

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Jane Foster lifts Mjolnir

As you probably know Natalie Portman will be reprising her role as Jane Foster in the MCU Phase 4 in "Thor: Love and Thunder". And it will be a far different Jane Foster to the one we know. Phase 4's "Thor: Love and Thunder" will see Foster becoming the Mighty Thor wielding Mjolnir in live-action. And Jane Foster has proven herself to be even more worthy of the hammer than Thor himself. She first wielded Mjolnir in 2014 when Thor became unworthy, Foster can be considered more worthy than her ancestor not only because of her career as a nurse but because of the consequences she faces for following in Odinson's footsteps. She had been battling cancer before she became Female Thor and at the time of her first lifting the hammer, it seemed like a matter of time before she succumbed to her illness. And despite cancer growing stronger, the more she used the hammer, she kept using it ultimately sacrificing herself for the greater good. So, Jane Foster is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir.

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Beta Ray Bill has gone on to become one of Thor's closest allies over the years. But when the two warriors first encountered each other, they came to blows and fans learned that bill was worthy of lifting Thor's powerful hammer during that very fight. Beta Ray Bill just like Thor himself cares very much about protecting his own people "the Korbinites" and he planned to use the hammer to do so, when Odin arranged a battle between the two, Bill once again proved to be Thor's equal. As they rendered each other unconscious, but Bill was declared as the winner when he recovered first then saved Thor from falling into lava. As a result, it was, in fact, Odin himself who given him Stormbreaker copied for. A weapon that is near equal to the power of Mjolnir. Since then Bill has frequently teamed up with the heroes of earth. His wielding of the hammer is particularly notable because it made him the first non-Asgardian character to be regarded worthy of it. While many others have proven worthy but it's arguable that Bill is amongst the most worthy and indeed the mightiest of them all. So, Beta Ray Bill is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir.


Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters to Lift Mjolnir-Storm

I6 will be an awesome combination of a powerful member of the X-men and Thor's hammer. Sounds pretty unstoppable right? Well, one such suitable character is perhaps surprisingly "Storm" who has actually lifted Mjolnir in the comic books. It should be noted however that the mutant. otherwise known as Orora Monroe didn't initially lift Mjolnir Instead she actually lifted Stormcaster. From your image of Thor's famous hammer which Loki created during one of his countless schemes against his brother. Storm initially rejected the new weapon but she later embraced its powers and eventually proved her worthiness of the original version of the hammer, when in an attempt to destroy Stormcaster, she lifted Mjolnir. Storm's worthiness is further proven by the fact that she managed to change her life from being a thief in Egypt to becoming a superhero and a teacher at Xavier school for gifted youngsters. Moreover, she is the perfect choice to lift Mjolnir when you consider its power set. Even that she already has the ability to manipulate the weather. So, Storm is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir. 

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Throg lifts Mjolnir

Our next entry is a frog. Yes, really laugh as much as you want to but the Frog is as worthy as an individual of wielding Mjolnir as anyone else. This character originated as a joke when Loki transformed Thor into a Frog using his mischievous magic which prompted the introduction of an actual Frog of thunder who debuted in the comics shortly thereafter in the form of Simon Walterson. Walterson eventually became Throg: The Frog Which you have to admit is one of the best names in Marvel history. Throg briefly teamed up with Thor before vanishing for a while. But when he returned he lifted a tiny shard of Mjolnir to become "The Throg". From then on frog has protected the various animals that populate his home in Central Park, New York. What's not to love about a hammer-wielding frog who protects his fellow animals. Seriously he is genuinely one of the most worthy wielders of Mjolnir in Marvel comic books. However unlikely that may seem to a lot of people. So, Throg is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir

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Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters to Lift Mjolnir- Odin

Come on now did you really think we would create a list of characters worthy of wielding Mjolnir other than Thor then not include Odin? Come on men he is the father of Thor and He is even worthy than Thor. The guy who instructed the dwarves of Nidavellir to forge Mjolnir and put the worthiness enchantment on it in the first place. When it comes to being A King, A Warrior, A Father, and A Good Man, Odin is the person that Thor looks up to for inspiration and influence. This basically means that Thor became worthy of wielding Mjolnir because of his father and that says it all. Odin is a powerful and skilled fighter who has quite literally saved the universe several times. He has ruled Asgard for thousands of years and led his armies into battle on countless occasions. He is also largely selfless but ruthless when necessary. And he'll fight even when he knows the odds are against him. Such as when he fought against beings as powerful as Galactus and the Celestials. He even died three times in defense of Asgard before being brought back to life, obviously. So yeah he is definitely more worthy than Thor. So, Odin is more Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir

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Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters to Lift Mjolnir- Spiderman

Spiderman has, in fact, wielding Mjolnir in some continuities but never in the mainstream 6-1-6 Marvel Universe. But that version is certainly as worthy as any other Spidey. Now Spider-man might have initially become a superhero for the purpose of revenge against his uncle's killer. But he is gone on to prove himself as more than just a guy with a vendetta. The web-slinger is undoubtedly self-sacrificing, arguably even more so than Thor. He has an untouchable moral compass and when he is wrong, he admits that he is wrong. Such as the time he admitted he was wrong to side with Iron Man in the Civil War comic book arc. He is incredibly brave and regularly fights above his pay grade. Seriously some of the villains he's gone up against should absolutely slaughter him and he's become an adept fighter in his own right over the years. So, Spider-Man is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir



While only appearing in two movies so far, Valkyrie is one of the most underrated character arcs out of anyone in the MCU and that's saying something. While she was hilarious in Thor: Ragnarok and was a darn good bounty hunter, known as scrapper 142, who collected only the best combatants for the GrandMaster's contest of Champions on Sekar. She struggled with plenty of personal issues. She had a little bit of a drinking problem because she just couldn't get over losing to Hela in battle. In Avengers: EndGame we saw a much more cheerful and upbeat Valkyrie who is in charge of keeping new Asgard in order. While Thor's chilling with Korg and meek played Fortnite and screaming at a ten-year-olds online boy who was also playing Fortnite. While Valkyrie getting better, Thor is getting a lot worse. There are some rumors about Valkyrie becoming the new Thor, while the current Thor is preoccupied in outer space. Thor got his mojo back with the Guardians Of The Galaxy and with a handshake named Valkyrie the queen of new Asgard. If Valkyrie becomes Thor and joins the Avengers that's definitely something we could get behind. In fact just thinking about it, it's getting us excited. So, Valkyrie is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir


When we first met T-Challa, we learned that he was an old-school guy who stayed true to the traditions of his culture. The country of Wakanda has always kept a secret from the outside world and he had no intention of changing that. While everyone thought it was a third world African country but the reality is that it was actually the most advanced country on the planet in MCU. While Erik Killmonger had the right idea, wanting to take the truth about the Wakanda public. Since his advanced medicine and technology could help the world at large but he went about it in the wrong way as most villains do. Even though Killmonger was a villain, he was in pure evil like most of them. And Black Panther learned a thing or two from him that made him a better person, a person who'd established the wakandan international Outreach Center run by Nakia and Shuri. We think all of this makes him more than worthy of lifting Mjolnir. Can you just imagine the Black Panther's badass suit and abilities to go along with the power of Mjolnir, he would be unstoppable. So, Black Panther is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir.


Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters to Lift Mjolnir-Captain Marvel

Speaking of unstoppable characters, let's talk about Captain Marvel. You know the superhero so strong that she can punch through entire space ships. She's done it more than once too. While Carol Danvers doesn't necessarily put saving the earth at the top of her to-do list but that doesn't mean she is a bad person. Sure it's our planet but as she also cares about plenty of other planets out there too and Earth already has enough heroes. In her stand-alone movie, she helped the Skrulls find a new homeworld after we were led to believe that they were the bad guys at first. Well, after the Spider-Man: Far From Home's post-credit scene, we are still not sure if they are the good guys but that's beside the point. She did what was right and saved Skrulls from extinction whether it'll come back to bite her in the butt. It was an honorable thing that makes her worthy of wielding a weapon like Mjolnir but she does not need it anyway. We feel like she's powerful enough without a weapon, to be honest. So, Captain Marvel is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir


If you noticed we specified that we're talking about Professor Hulk here but not about regular Hulk. Can you imagine the Smashing everything inside Hulk wielding Mjolnir? That would be absolutely terrible forever. He probably causes billions of dollars in damages. It wouldn't be a good thing for everyone that is why is probably not worthy to wield Mjolnir. But Professor Hulk is much more level-headed. He may not be as strong as the regular Hulk is in full rage mode but he still got most of his brawn and Bruce banners brain. He's one heck of a powerful being but one who can control himself and won't fly off the handle at a moment's notice. If you watch the re-release of Avengers: EndGame then you stuck around for the six minutes of never-before-seen footage. One of these scenes involved the Hulk using a satellite dish to save some people from a burning building because that's what heroes do. Clearly, he is now able to do more heroic things as Professor Hulk since Bruce banners in full control. Now that he could be a true hero there's no reason why professor Hulk wouldn't be worthy of lifting Mjolnir. So, Professor Hulk is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir. 


Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters to Lift Mjolnir- Groot

"I am Groot" are the most famous three words in the MCU well other than "I am IronMan". The first repetition of Groot was one of the kindest souls we have ever seen in the MCU. At the end of the first Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, he put his life on the line to save his friends by extending his branches to keep them safe before saying we are Groot. Seriously though this was an awesome moment and showed that Groot is more than just a giant butt-kicking tree person. He was able to feel all the fields and sacrificed himself to save his friends. While the Groot we currently have in the MCU is technically not the same one from the first Guardians movie. He still flashed some heroics when he broke off a piece of his arm to be used as Stormbreaker's handle in Infinity War. Was this foreshadowing that he could one day hold the Mjolnir? Only time will tell but we definitely think Groot is worthy. So, Groot is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir 


Now we come to a character who might not immediately spring to mind when you think of characters who'd be perfect for wielding Mjolnir. But hear us out because we're talking about Charles Xavier, the mutant otherwise known as Professor X. Professor X was born into money so he doesn't have to work as hard as he does which is generally the sign of a good person. But it's his decision to devote his life to protecting humanity from Evil Mutants and safeguarding innocent mutants from human oppression that truly makes him worthy. Xavier's school for gifted youngsters has long been a safe haven for hundreds of otherwise ostracized kids and professor X's resolve in fighting for their rights can only be admired. So, Professor X is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir 


Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters to Lift Mjolnir- Loki

Loki thrives on chaos after all he's known as the god of mischief for a reason. There is nothing he can't or won't do to get what he wants even if it means putting his brother in harm's way. He has toned it down ever since he got rid of the influence of the mind stone. He can't be a bit of a shady character at times. He's also just can't stay down. We thought we lost him in the movie Thor but he came back, we thought we lost him in Infinity War but we saw him escape with the Tesseract an EndGame. Meaning he's probably alive in some alternate timeline while Loki might not be the first character who comes to mind when you think who's worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. He's done so in the comics in The Avengers vs. x-men storyline, Loki and Thor changed places meaning Loki was the hero who can wield Mjolnir. We would be nice to see Thor pass the hammer down to his brother but since he's no longer in the main timeline it probably won't ever happen in the MCU. So, Loki is one of the Worthy Marvel/MCU Characters Other Than Thor To Lift Mjolnir. 

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