Scarlet Witch as an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision?

Scarlet Witch as an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision?

Scarlet Witch as an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision?

Marvel (MCU) Movies are fantastic at several things from character development to storytelling and more MCU is the best film studios out there right now. The time Spiderman: Far From Home ended up phase 3, barely any information about phase 4 was available. But at the 2019 San Diego comic-con Marvel Studios announced New Upcoming Marvel Studios (MCU) Movies and Web series list in phase 4. Beyond many fan-favorite characters will be returning to the big screen as well as some new heroes fans can look forward to meeting. This post is mainly focused on Will Scarlet Witch be an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision?

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Now the Disney Plus has cemented itself as the new head of the streaming platforms. The consequences have been massive, with many fan favorites now given so much more opportunity to be expanded on. Characters like Wanda Maximoff(Scarlet Witch) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU), who is one of the main characters of the upcoming show WandaVision. While details are scarce as of yet, some information of the show was released during the comic-con experience 2019 convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Elizabeth Olson and Paul Bettany are starring in the aVision web series. And at Disney's yearly Fan Expo d23, what can fans expect well suffice to say a whole bunch of alternative universes all wrapped up in a sitcom ask show. So, Scarlet Witch may become an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision in Disney+ streaming service.

Scarlet Witch and Vision in Marvel's WandaVision

The name of the show (WandaVision) references both main characters Wanda Maximoff(Scarlet Witch) and Vision played by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany respectively. During the Comic-Con Expo in San Paulo, Brazil, the first look of the series was revealed with a simple photo, that shows the two together as a mid-20th century couple looking happy on a sofa and nothing like how the characters appeared in films. How can this be though considering visions untimely fate in infinity war? 

FAN THEORY- Why Scarlet Witch as an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision?

Scarlet Witch as an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision?

Let us talk about the fan theory which says Scarlet Witch will be an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision. Well according to Digital Spy is that Wanda has conjured up a false reality in which the characters are happily married. Another theory of the show reported by cinema blend has suggested that given the 1950s look to the show, it may also expand the 2015- 2016 comic book series about the vision where he attempted to create an Android family in the rural 1950 area to disastrous effects. The lead writer of the series Jack Schaeffer also told IGN that the series would be a super new and experimental idea and weird. We have these big factual questions that we get to spend more than two and a half hours exploring. This is looking like one of the weirdest sitcoms in recent memory. What we do know for certain is that the show will center around Wanda as she develops her alter ego Scarlet Witch, which is yet to be mentioned in any of the prior MCU films. The Marvel Studios' President stated we have the opportunity to tell their story and show more of what Wanda could do, more of what makes vision,'The vision' and more importantly reveal a name that we are not even sure that superheroes had said in the MCU yet. And finally, Kevin Feige revealed that the fact that Wanda is the Scarlet Witch. And what does that mean? Before the start of the MCU phase 4, which will include her appearance in the next Doctor Strange film that is going to heavily explore multiverses, what speculation is there that Scarlet Witch will become the main villain in the fourth phase of the MCU?

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SCARLET WITCH IN COMICS- Scarlet Witch as an MCU villain in Marvel's Comic

Scarlet Witch as an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision?

Well, going off the history of her character in the comics and films, her character was introduced as a villain in both comics and movies teaming up with Ultron and Magneto furthermore in the comics. Her character is unable to control her powers and most intensely during times of grief. In Avengers: EndGame, the character is not pursuing Thanos for the betterment of mankind but because she has a dispute against him. Her repeated instability looks like a perfect storm waiting to happen. This is another reason for Scarlet Witch as an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision.
REDDIT FAN THEORY-  Why Scarlet Witch as an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision?

A fan theory explaining why Scarlet Witch will be an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision? This popular theory making rounds on Reddit suggests that she will discover a timeline missed by Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War. Where vision lives as opposed to Doctor Strange. The revelation will cause her to blame Doctor Strange for visions end, causing her to go ballistic and threatening the safety of the future.



Revealed in the Disney's d23 Expo, many characters besides Vision and Wanda Maximoff(Scarlet Witch) from the MCU will be making an appearance on the latest Disney Plus series. Randall Park returns as Jimmy woo from the movie 'Ant-man and The Wasp' and Kat Dennings will once again play her role of Darcy from the first 2 Thor films. Furthermore, Tiana Paris will be playing a grownup version of the character Monica Rambeau which we have seen in Captain Marvel. 


Scarlet Witch as an MCU villain in Marvel's WandaVision?

So how long will you have to wait until the release of arguably the weirdest and most surreal series to come out of the MCU universe? Well, unfortunately, quite a while. Filming of the series reportedly just began in November. The first episode isn't expected to be released to the Disney+ platform until early 2021. In a similar vein to the Mandalorian, the series will not be bendable. Well, at least not at the beginning of the show as each episode will be released weekly. On the bright side though the long wait for the release will allow fans to save their money to purchase yet another streaming platform. Remember the good old days when streaming was supposed to be a cheaper alternative to cable? Now it seems that with all these streaming exclusives staying current with your favorite series is going to cost you as much as the average cable package.

Are you excited to see the release of WandaVision? What do you suppose will happen? Are you not able to wait for more than a year for the series release? 

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