Everything about Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie

Everything about Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie

Everything about Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie

The next phase of Marvel movies is gearing up to drop starting in 2020 and we all know that it will be kicked off with the long-awaited Black Widow solo movie. Well, details of the movie are being kept under lock but we do know a few things about how it's going to go down. Specifically, we know that David Harbor is taking on the role of Red Guardian but who exactly Red Guardian is? Well, there are also many other queries but we will cover it later. So here our team is presenting you Everything you should know about Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow movie before watching it.

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David Harbour As Red Guardian

David Harbour as Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie

Before learning about Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie, Let us know about the men who is portraying the role of Red Guardian. David Harbour has ventured into the world of comic book movies once before and recently in the 2019 reboot of Hellboy. Well, we know it was definitely not one of the best-reviewed movies of the year. Harbour did get plenty of recognition for his take on the character and also for the insane shape he got into to play the role. Luckily for him, the stranger things favorite has been given another shot with the upcoming Black Widows standalone movie. David Harbor will be playing Red Guardian. However, the trailer leaves his villain status pretty unclear as the plot of the movie has been kept pretty tightly under wraps. He won't be the only foe in the mix however as we also know that Taskmaster is going to be making an appearance as well. Black Widow movie is said to be taking place in between the events of Captain America: Civil War and the Avengers: Infinity War, the black widow movie will see Natasha Romanoff all alone and coming up against some things from her past that she would rather see buried for good. One of these things will definitely be Red Guardian. 

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A Small Description On The Origin Of Red Guardian

About Origin of Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie

We first met read Guardian in the comic books all the way back in 1967 where he was introduced as a sort of Soviet counterpart to Captain America. Before he was Red Guardian, he was Alexei Shostakov and he had started out as a pilot for the KGB many years earlier after being orphaned during World War II. He was taken in and trained by Vasily Karpov. You might remember from his appearance as a Hydra sleeper agent in Captain America: Civil War. He was highly decorated for his work as a pilot and became known as a hero of the Soviet Union. As most of us know Natasha started out as a spy for the KGB as well. But the two of them had actually met before either began their years of service, in fact, they were even married. About Origin of Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie.

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Relationship Between Black Widow and Red Guardian

Everything About Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie

Back when Natasha was a very famous ballerina, the pair were deeply in love but Alexei was first and foremost dedicated to serving his country. Eventually, both of them were selected by the KGB as prime candidates for the special officers. Away on a top-secret mission, he was told of the KGB's plan to turn him into the Red Guardian. An agent of the highest order and an antidote to the USA's Captain America. But because of this new mission, he was never allowed to return home again and Natasha was told that he hadn't made it out of his mission alive. Just as the KGB had planned Natasha was stricken with sorrow over the news of his passing and sought to find a way to honor her husband's memory and his heroism. They immediately put her into a training program to become the Black Widow secret agent. Eventually, she would defect to the United States and join The Avengers. Leaving her life with Alexei and the KGB behind her. That is until years later when working for her enemy, Red Guardian kidnapped Black Widow and used her as bait to trick Captain America and the rest of the Avengers to the rescue. About the relationship between Black Widow Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie.

Red Guardian as Villain

During his training to become a Red Guardian, Alexei had become cruel and ruthless and nothing like the man that Natasha had once known. But he still loved her after all of these years. He kidnapped her in order to challenge Captain America to a showdown. And even though he didn't have the same superhuman abilities that the Captain did, he did pretty well in holding his own. When their fight was interrupted in this time Avengers were able to escape. Alexei was consumed by the building he was in, collapsing on top of him. He would resurface years later as another version of Ronan and he isn't the only one to have worn the mantle of Red Guardian over the years. About Red Guardian as a Villain in Marvel Black Widow Movie

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Power of Red Guardian

About Power of Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie

How powerful is Alexei after all? Well, his powers were never made entirely clear in the comic books aside from his incredible strength in various combat and weaponry skills. He is also a famously good pilot and can use the red star on his chest like a shield much like Captain America's. But the main difference between the two is that the Red Guardian was never injected with the same super serum as Steve was in order to become his super-soldier. All of his power comes from his training similar to someone like Bruce Wayne who was never given superhuman abilities in order to become Batman. Well, this is Alexei's story in the comic books. About the power of Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie

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 Red Guardian in Marvel Black Widow Movie

We are pretty sure that the Black Widow movie will be taking a few changes with the backstory in order to make everything line up with Natasha's story that has been established in the MCU. First and foremost it seems as though this version of Red Guardians backstory will begin with the cold war instead of world war 2. David Harbor himself has referenced the cold war as the possible beginning of his Alexei's story, which still does make him considerably older than Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow. Unless of course he was given the same cryogenic treatment as Captain America and was preserved for a few years without aging a day. We know that the showdown between Red Guardian and Black Widow is bound to be epic. Especially, if it's the first time that the former newlyweds will be seeing each other since everything went down years before, the reunion will be one for the books. Plus what the fact that Scarlett's Natasha isn't going to be the only iteration of Black Widow appearing in the movie. But will also feature Rachel Weisz and Florence Pugh as Molina and Yelena Belova in the mix. Who have both carried the Black Widow mantle from time to time. With a rumored appearance by Tony Stark, we are getting seriously excited about this Black Widow movie. April 30th is the day when the Black Widow movie will release.

What about you? Are you looking forward to the Black Widow movie? What do you hope goes down between Red Guardian and Black Widow? Let us know in the comments below.

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