Origin of Red Guardian in Marvel's Black Widow movie

Origin of Red Guardian in Marvel's Black Widow movie

Origin of Red Guardian in Marvel's Black Widow movie

Who needs a shield when you have the power of Mother Russia on your side. Welcome to 'The Marvel Fans'. Today we will explore comic book origin of  Alexei Shostakov, better known to the world and comic book fans alike as the Red Guardian. While not the first to bear the title Alexei Shostakov run as the crimson-clad soldier in service to the soviet union which is arguably the most significant. Not only due to the character's endurance and legacy over the years but also because of the tangled relationship and bitter history he shares with Natasha Romanoff also known as Black Widow. Before we continue, be sure to subscribe to our Blog through E-mail subscription to get notified about our latest posts. So let us get started with Origin of Red Guardian in Marvel's Black Widow movie-

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Origin of Red Guardian in Marvel's Black Widow movie-

First appearing in Avengers number 43 back in 1967 the Red Guardian made. His debut as an enemy to Earth's Mightiest Heroes his attire and skillset made him stand out as the Soviet counterpart to Captain America only without a shield and way more communism. While you might think of him as a gimmick character at first glance, it's who was under the mask that proved to be the real kicker. Before he was Red Guardian, he was Alexei Shostakov and he had started out as a pilot for the KGB many years earlier after being orphaned during World War II. He was taken in and trained by Vasily Karpov. You might remember from his appearance as a Hydra sleeper agent in Captain America: Civil War. He was highly decorated for his work as a pilot and became known as a hero of the Soviet Union. As most of us know Natasha started out as a spy for the KGB as well. But the two of them had actually met before either began their years of service, in fact, they were even married

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Relationship of Black Widow and Red Guardian-

Relationship of Red Guardian and Black Widow

Black Widow's late husband. Yes, that's right. Natasha and  Alexei Shostakov were once an item, Successful and happy when they were kicking it back in Russia. Until the KGB got involved. Turns out the powers that be wanted to make good use of the pair's talents as a ballerina(Natasha) and fighter pilot(Alexei Shostakov) by turning them into weapons of war. In order to do so, they faked  Alexei Shostakov's death and trained him in secret. While in time this would bring him to the peak of human strength and combat ability. The followed from his departure was disastrous for Black Widow, who in her grief saw no other choice but to become yet another addition to the Red Room. And in doing so, she became the master assassin we all know and love. The pair wouldn't meet again until after Natasha's defection to the West. With her former hubby now something of a violent poster boy, that only lived to spread the glory of his country. This messy divorce would eventually lead to a brutal exchange between the two alongside the other Avengers. 

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After the Death of Alexei Shostakov

Origin of Red Guardian in Marvel's Black Widow movie

Before Alexei Shostakov will ultimately meet his end while protecting the love of his life in a last-second moment of redemption against the equally radical Colonel Ling. While this would put an end on his time as the Red Guardian in the comics. Later to be replaced by Josef Petkus and numerous other Crusaders for the USSR. Alexei Shostakov has still found ways to appear throughout the years. More often than not as a deadly thorn in the side of his ex-wife. A key example of this was 2010's Widowmaker. Where an Android version of the Soviet spy was revealed as a sword-wielding Slayer going by the moniker of Ronin. A name previously used by Natasha's on-again-off-again love interest Hawkeye. 

The upcoming Black Widow movie appears to be taking Alexei Shostakov back to his roots. With the trailer seemingly portraying him as a disappointed and disgraced representation of the past. Poking fun at just how much of a parody he used to be. Of course with the likes of the exceptional David Harbour in the role, we're already getting hints of what promises to be a larger-than-life personality and something of a sympathetic character disposition. Let's just hope that his time is Russia's scarlet killing machine doesn't do him as much of an insult as Hellboy. 
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