About & Origin Of Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow

About & Origin Of Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow Movie

About & Origin Of Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow

In the comic books, Tony Master(Taskmaster) is well the master of pretty much everything he sees. He's able to pick up new skills after seeing them use just once and he's going to be making his big-screen debut in the Black Widow movie. We know he's a master of mimicry but how will he fit into the story and what part does he play in the past of Natasha Romanoff? We have some ideas on the matter and we will also explain why his appearance in the latest trailer has some hardcore comic fans furious. So let us talk About & Origin Of Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow

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About & Origin Of Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow-

Origin Of Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow Movie Explained

We first met Taskmaster in Avengers issue 195. Little kids have a lot to learn but that wasn't a problem for a young Tony Master. He was born with photographic reflexes meaning that he can copy any skills he sees someone else using. This helped him out in his career as a SHIELD agent until he got a shot of the Super Soldier Serum. Yes, that serum which made Steve Rogers Captain America. But this wasn't a Captain America caliber dose and it was an experimental version. While it enhanced his abilities it came with serious side effects. The Taskmaster has always been set up as a kind of anti-Captain America(Just like Red Guardian but more Powerful). It makes you wonder what Captain America would have been like if he lost his memory of hoping for the last dance with Peggy Carter or the knowledge of his bromance with Bucky Barnes. In simple words, Taskmaster (Tony Master) lost his memory as a SHIELD Agent due to the serum. Because of the serum, he started remembering all combat skills when he sees and started forgetting about his personal life. His wife even tried to remind everything bu due to serum, his memory only filled with combat skills forgetting other kinds of stuff. So it was about Origin Of Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow

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Different Mask of Tony Master in Black Widow trailer

Different mask Of Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow

Part of his villainous aesthetic in the comic books is an awesome Skull mask. This is why so many fans were upset to see a different type of mask in the Black Widow trailer. Instead of looking like a tough-as-nails skeleton, he looks more like a generic bad guy. What's the reason for this change? Well, one idea Disney has taken their target audience into consideration and that means striking a chord with China, the second-largest box-office in the world while. Spooky scary skeletons aren't outright banned, the Ministry of Culture has some strict rules about what can be shown. And this includes not allowing things that promote cults or superstition. Sometimes things that fans enjoy in the comics just don't translate well to live-action. And of course, the studio has to work around that. But besides riling up hardcore comic fans with his appearance, just what is the taskmaster doing in Black Widow movie? So it was about the mask of Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow after his origin.

Hawkeye as Taskmaster in Black Widow trailer

Hawkeye as Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow trailer

Well, some people believe it could have something to do with another big change in his character design. And the trailer we see the Taskmaster using a bow and arrow. But that's not his weapon of choice in the comic books. As I mentioned earlier he's like an anti-Captain America and in keeping with that, he favors using a sword and a shield. So what's the deal with the bow and arrow. Could it be Clint Barton? Yeah, I know its silly and useless question but it is a fan theory. There's no doubt that this movie will have plenty of flashbacks and although Jeremy Renner isn't confirmed to make an appearance. I'd be quite surprised if he doesn't show up at some point. After all, we will supposedly finally find out what happened to Natasha and Clint in Budapest. Which you may or may not have noticed them referencing during The Avengers. It's entirely possible that whatever happened to them during their time in Hungary involved the Taskmaster. Somehow if he had the opportunity to observe Clinton's Combat move, he would be able to master his moves. It would be kind of emotional to have the taskmaster fighting against Natasha learning moves that he got from her Best Friend. Would this make it easier for her to take on the Taskmaster since she presumably knows Clint's moves so well? Or when thinking of her BFF add an extra challenge to this encounter. It was about Hawkeye as Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow trailer.

Melina Vostokoff and Tony Master in Black Widow trailer

About & Origin Of Taskmaster In Marvel Black Widow

Let's get back to our no longer skeletal Taskmaster. Some fans believe the Taskmaster's role could tie into the character Melina who's played by actress Rachel Weisz. In the comics, there is a character named Melina Vostokoff otherwise known as the Iron Maiden. She is a spy who lives in the shadow of Natasha and grows to hate her because of this. This seems to sync up with statements Weisz has made about her character. And she is out to get Natasha, it's possible she will work together with the Taskmaster. The Taskmaster is a skilled fighter and if he spent time training with Melina Vostokoff, then he would know a ton of Natasha's moves. But to defeat him she will have to surprise him with something new which would also help show just how much she's grown and changed since she was a part of the Black Widow program. She spent many years trying to escape her past and this could be a symbolic way of showcasing her growth in addition to giving us action-packed sequences. It is also possible that Melina is the taskmaster. During an interview, Rachel Weisz didn't say much about her character but she did say she is deeply involved in a kind of scientific experiment. Although she declined to elaborate it could have something to do with the Super Soldier Serum used to augment the Taskmaster's powers. It's also possible she was involved in the experiment that created him somehow. And if he is involved with Malina in any capacity than what he wants is very clear to bring down the Natasha Romanoff no matter the cost. What do you think the role of a taskmaster will be in the upcoming Black Widow movie? Share your thoughts and predictions with your fellow fans in the comments section below? 

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