How did the arc reactor help Tony stark to Snap in marvel's EndGame?

How did the Arc reactor help Tony stark to Snap in marvel's EndGame?

How did the Arc reactor help Tony stark to Snap in marvel's EndGame?

Avengers Endgame was released on the 27th of April, 2019 and it is now the highest-grossing movie of all time. IronMan 1 was the beginning of a new superhero era which helped MCU to do a good startup. IronMan aka Tony Stark's role was portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.(RDJ), who became very famous and loved superhero after IronMan 1. RDJ appeared in 10 movies (cameo in Incredible Hulk is included)  and ended his journey in Avengers EndGame. Tony did the snap at the end of EndGame in order to save the universe by sacrificing his life. So this fan theory connects the first ironman movie with Avengers Endgame because a fan theory claims that the Arc reactor helped Ironman aka Tony stark to made the snap possible. It also explains why Doctor Strange chooses tony stark to snap. 

This fan theory is started when a Fan made photo went viral on Reddit. Marvel fans saw this photo and started thinking Was Marvel already prepared that Tony Stark is going to do something really big in Avengers EndGame.

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So let's talk about this theory in more detail.

How did the Arc reactor help Tony stark to Snap in marvel's EndGame?

According to our team, this theory is quite special and logical because it does not predict what will happen in the future and it does not have any other elements as other theories have.
Now think about the scene of IronMan (2008) in which he Invented the small arc rector, you may remember that Yinsen said that Ironman's arc reactor could run his heart for 50 lifetimes, which is amazing and responding to Yinsen Tony Stark(IronMan) replied or it could do something big for 15 minutes. Do not it sounds strange, Well it is. Now you probably understand what I want to say. Fortunately, Tony did not use it for 15 minutes.
That big thing happened in Avengers Endgame when IronMan snapped his fingers. It was a very sad moment for Marvel fans as a legend died in a movie.

Now let's see how true is this fan theory

Well, it seems to be true because as We have written above, the Arc reactor could run Tony Stark's heart for 50 lifetimes or it could do something big for 15 minutes because it was able to generate 3 gigajoules per second.
He may refer the  "15 minutes" line for his first suit (Mark I) moreover it is just a source of energy which provides energy to a particular thing. But tony's first arc reactor is different from tony's last arc reactor because the first reactor was made in a cave from recycled metals while the last one having nanoparticles in it and also power source of these two reactors may differ in large number because last arc reactor for Mark 85 is 10 years newer than the first one. 

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How could Tony stark withstand the power of all stones in EndGame?

Arc reactor helped tony stark to withstand Snap in marvel's EndGame

Many times it is mentioned in Infinity saga that no mortal could withstand the power of six infinity stones that is why hulk decided to snap instead of giving nano gauntlet to others. However, Infinity stones damaged hulk's hand permanently. Thanos also did the snap two times and it made his condition very severe in EndGame.  Hulk is the strongest Avenger and Thanos is the Mad Titan who defeated Hulk in Hand-to-Hand combat while Tony stark is just a human being. Now anyone can imagine the power of Infinity stones. Still, he managed to withstand with Infinity stone for few minutes because of his arc reactor and NanoTech suit.  Thor could have survived the snap but he was not in the right condition.
Nanoparticles in his suit also helped tony stark to make the snap possible. Infinity stones started damaging his body when these stones were in tony's hand but as you know Tony stark's Mark 85 suit is made up of Nanoparticles which reduced the damaging process of tony's body for a short period of time by absorbing stone's energy. However, the Arc reactor was giving power to nanoparticles which means it was the combination of Arc reactor and nanoparticles to made the snap possible. Fans think that this is the reason why others started screaming when they wore gauntlet but Tony stark didn't and said his line "I am IronMan" perfectly. But He was just a human with a High-tech suit and with a genius mind while the power of Infinity stones is immeasurable(having power to destroy and recreate the universe), he only survived for few minutes after the snap and it seems to be very painful for tony to complete it. so, he did not have any choice except sacrificing his life.

Comparison of snaps between Tony, Hulk, and Thanos

Tony stark Snap vs Hulk snap vs Thanos snap in marvel's EndGame

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Tony stark's snap was not powerful as Thanos and hulk's snap was because Tony only vanished Thanos's army by his snap which was on a small scale as compared to Thanos and hulk's snap because it affects half of the Universe. If we compare snaps between tony, hulk and Thanos then hulk's snap was the most powerful and painful one because he tried to bring back half of the universe's population along with Natasha (black widow) which was impossible for Infinity stones too because Natasha died for soul stone that's why Natasha didn't came back, while Thanos's snap was to vanish half of the universe's population.
So if we arrange the power of snap in increasing order then
Tony's snap< Thanos's snap < Hulk's snap
But remember Thanos snapped twice, first in Avengers Infinity war and second snap in EndGame. But here we only talked about the first snap of Thanos.


Well it's just a theory, and This theory is not yet confirmed by Marvel 
Doctor Strange knew the events of EndGame since Infinity War as he saw more than 14 million possibilities and it seems in many possibilities, many superheroes failed to complete the snap and Strange do not have any choice except sacrificing Tony because he is most probably the only one with all resources to make the snap possible.
And the most important point Robert Downey Jr.'s contract was over.

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