Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts You Are Unaware Of

Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts You Are Unaware Of

Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts You Are Unaware Of

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a Multi-Billion dollar and dominating film series or franchise having several Marvel (MCU) Facts. MCU is releasing many hit and blockbuster films since Iron Man (2008) with many popular characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, etc. Even though there were several characters in series and films but not popular as now. It was all started in 2008 when Iron Man(Tech Expert) was released with superb and mind-blowing acting of Robert Downey Jr. led by the producer Kevin Feige. After that, a new era of superhero and dominating franchise started. Marvel (MCU) is the highest-grossing and dominating film series having several facts. It has 23 movies with unique and mind-blowing stories that are connected to each other. 
They have box office collections of about $22.59 Billion and the overall budget of these movies is about $4.47 Billion- 4.58 Billion. And there are many movies of MCU in "Top 10 highest-Grossing movies of all time"(Avengers: EndGame is on the 1st rank). We can say that this franchise will rule the box office for the next several years. As Marvel (MCU) is a big franchise having 23 movies then it must have many Easter Eggs, hidden and Amazing facts. There are several Marvel (MCU) facts you are unaware of. Even if you have noticed these facts, probably you have not understood it. So let's begin with our Marvel (MCU) facts:-

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Marvel (MCU) facts No. 1- Argument of Tony & Steve

Remember the argument scene of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in Helicarrier of the movie "The Avengers(2012)" in which Steve says "Take the suit off, who are you" and  Tony proved who was he without his suit in Iron Man 3. As most of the time in the movie, he was without his suit and still managed to succeed in his plan and proved that steve was wrong. In the same scene, Tony Says to Steve "Everything special about you came out of the bottle" and steve also proved Tony wrong by lifting Mjolnir in Avengers EndGame proving he was worthy by his own special ability not because of serum. 

Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts: Tony vs steve

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 2- Multiverse Reference

When Erik Selvig became mad in Thor: The Dark World, he tries to explain the existence of Multiverse with his drawings and equations to old age people. It was the first reference of Multiverse and the second reference was in Doctor Strange movie.

Fact erik selvig being mad

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 3- Bruce Banner in Spiderman: Homecoming

In SpiderMan: Homecoming, the photo frame of Bruce Banner was placed along with other great scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Einstein, Newton, etc. in peter's science class as they did many awesome things in the field of science which shows how genius bruce is.

Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts: Bruce in Homecoming

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 4- Elon Musk in Iron Man 2

You may have heard that Elon Musk is the real-world Iron Man that is why RDJ was inspired by SpaceX CEO- Elon Musk, In Tony Stark's garage you will see Tesla Roadster(Electric car introduced by Elon). Elon Musk also had a cameo in Iron Man 2 in which he talks with tony in a party.

Elon Musk in Marvel Iron Man 2

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 5-  Voice of Dormammu

Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the role of Doctor Strange in MCU has given the facial expressions and the voice of Dormammu. Voice of Dormammu is a mixture of the voice of Benedict and the voice of an artist.

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Marvel (MCU) facts No. 6- Comic helmet of Antman

Tony and Steve went back to 1970 in Avengers: EndGame to bring Pym particles and when captain America enters the lab of Hank Pym, the Comic helmet of AntMan was placed on the table.
Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts: Comic helmet of AntMan

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 7- Chris Evans as Steve Rogers

Chris Evans three times rejected the role of Captain America not because he fears dislike, but he was scared that sudden popularity may effect his personal life. However, RDJ convinced Chris Evans to play this role.

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 8- Arc reactors in Hulk Buster

Hulk Buster is a big suit and it requires more energy as compared to other Iron Man suits that's why Hulk buster suit in Avengers: Age of Ultron had a total of 9 arc reactors present at different places. One on the chest, 4 on the back, 1 behind each leg and 1 in front of each leg which you can see in the below picture.

Fact- 9 arc reactors in hulk buster

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 9- Cameo of Stan lee

The character of Stan Lee in the cameo of Avengers: Age of Ultron was of a soldier during world war II and fought the war with Captain America against his enemies.

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 10- Concept of Obedience Disk

The Small disk or button device on the neck of Thor that collapsed him for some time is called Obedience disk. Many of us think that how can a small electric shock coming from that can collapse The God of Thunder Thor. But its real reason is that the Obedience disk mainly blocks the nerve system and flow of impulse due to which impulses cannot go through the whole from the brain and makes the body paralyzed. Even Thanos may get paralyzed from Obedience disk. And it does not have any connection with electric shock.

Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts: Obedience Disk

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 11- Dormamu's effect on EndGame

Kaecillius and his followers had a weird Dark purple eye in Doctor Strange(2016) because they were absorbing dark power from the dark dimension to summon Dormammu so, that he can destroy our universe. Similar Dark spots were seen on a lady warrior in the final battle of Avengers: EndGame as you can see in the image. Some fans say that Dormammu sends this warrior to kill Thanos as he was one of the biggest threat to him.

Dormammu effect o Marvel Avengers endgame

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 12- Iron Man's greatest rival

In the Iron Man 3 movie, Aldrich Killian had a tattoo of Fin Fang Foom on his chest which is a reference of Iron Man's greatest rival in comics. In comics, one of the greatest Rival/villain of tony stark was Fin Fang Foom and some rumors say that  Fin Fang Foom may appear in Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts: Iron Man's Greatest rival

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 13- Peter Parker in Iron Man 2

It has been confirmed by Tom holland that the younger version of Peter Parker made an appearance in Iron Man 2. Peter Parker was there as the little boy dressing up as Iron Man in the Stark Expo when the place was attacked by the Hammer tech drone.

Child Peter in Marvels IronMan 2

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 14- Doctor Strange's portal

Doctor Strange's ability to open portal does not work while moving or on moving objects that's why Doctor Strange asks tony to bring them back to earth.

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 15- Horse having Eight legs

One of the scenes of Odin in Thor movie in which Odin seated on a horse that had 8 legs name Sleipnir which was directly adapted from Norse Mythology.

Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts: 8 leg horse

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Marvel (MCU) facts No. 16- Steve Rogers hiding his beard

Post credit scene of "The Avengers" in which all the heroes were relaxing and eating shawarma was not in the script. Suddenly it was shot and Captain America was hiding his face because he wore a fake jaw and did not want to shave his beard because he was shooting for another movie. 

 captain hiding his beard

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 17- Vision's reference 

In the Iron Man 3 movie, A sock was hung in Jarvis' name. Well, this sock was not normal as its color was the same as the body color of Vision which may be the reference of Jarves becoming Super intelligent android name Vision.

Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts: vision reference

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 18- Tony Stark's flick in EndGame

Tony Stark of 2019 was able to flick AntMan perfectly on Tony stark of 2012 because he was practicing this in the Quill's ship with nebula while playing paper football.

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 19- All tongue ability of Thor

Thor can talk to anyone in the world as he knows all languages in 9 realms and both can understand each other. The proof is that Thor is the second person who can understand the Groot language.

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 20- Captain as a time traveler

Captain America also knows other options of time traveling. Even directors have confirmed that Old steve rogers was present along with young Rogers in the funeral of Peggy Carter in the Civil War. But we didn't spot the old one.

Old captain in Marvel's Civil War

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 21- Star war reference in AntMan 

When Darren Cross finally became Yellowjacket in AntMan, he starts firing laser cannons and you probably familiar to the laser cannon sound coming from his suit. Well, yes it was a reference to Star Wars. That was exactly the same sounds as it was in Star Wars. It is because Disney owns both Marvel Studios and Star Wars franchise

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 22- The Main reason for Thanos to win 

Loki is the main reason for Thanos to win. When Loki became the king of Asgard, he loses all control of 9 realms and also he does not care about it. Thanos took this opportunity and attack Nidavellir to make Infinity Gauntlet and kill all the existing dwarfs except Eitri

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 21- How Tony saves his life in Infinity War

Tony Stark gets stabbed by Thanos in Infinity War and to heal himself, he uses Tissue Regenerative Tech. This tech was previously introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron by Dr. Helen Cho where she uses this tech to heal Hawkeye.

Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts: How tony saved his life

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 22- Tony and Peter

When Tony asks peter to give his suit to tony, Peter says "I am nothing without this suit"  on which tony stark replies "If you're nothing without this suit, then You shouldn't have it." He said it because he had already experienced what will happen if a person depends on his materialistic stuff instead of depending on himself in Iron Man 3. That is why he took the suit from peter to improve his abilities. 

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 23- Unlucky words of Thanos

Thanos spoke three unlucky words that put him in trouble. Well, We are not talking about "I Love You", We are talking about "I Am Inevitable". Whenever he said that three magical words, he died. The first time he said these words in the starting of EndGame in front of Thor and other avengers and got killed by Thor. Last time he spoke these words at the end of EndGame in front of Tony Stark and got vanished by the snap of him.

Fact: Literally Unlucky words of Thanos

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 24- Guardians of the Galaxy(GOTG)

The dancing scene of Groot in some beginning shots of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy movie took almost about two years to get completed perfectly.
Another fact regarding GOTG is that Chris pratt many times stole the costume of StarLord in order to meet Patient fans in Hospital.

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Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts: Guardians of the galaxy

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 25- Dr. Strange respects Tony  

Dr. Strange calls Iron Man as Stark from the first interaction of both in Infinity war to the scene of Titan at which he saw 14,000,605 possibilities. After that scene, he started calling Iron Man as Tony to respect him and the sacrifice of his life as he was going to die in EndGame in one selected possibility of strange. That is why bowed his head in front of tony in the deleted scene of EndGame.

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 26- Jane slaps Thor

The scene of Thor: the dark world movie in which Jane Foster slaps Thor because he didn't come to earth for several years took about 30 retakes. And she really slapped thor 30 times which really hurt him. Even the shot in which she slapped Loki was also real.

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 27- Stark's repulsion tech  

Howard Stark uses repulsion tech to fly a car in Captain America 1 however, it was failed. But Tony Stark used that tech only with some modification to make his repulsors.

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 28- Powerful snap 

If we compare snaps between tony, hulk and Thanos then hulk's snap was the most powerful and painful one because he tried to bring back half of the universe's population along with Natasha (black widow) which was impossible for Infinity stones too because Natasha died for soul stone that's why Natasha didn't came back, while Thanos's snap was to vanish half of the universe's population. Tony's snap was even for a small scale as he vanished the only army of Thanos which is only a small fraction of the universe. 

Amazing Marvel (MCU) Facts: Powerful snap

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 29- Best dialogue of IronMan

The dialogue said by Iron Man in Avengers: EndGame "I Am Iron Man" was not in the script. It was later added to the script. 

Marvel (MCU) facts No. 30- Funny fact

Doctor stranged watched the EndGame in Avengers: Infinity War with the help of Time stone while Thanos of 2014 watched Infinity war in Avengers: EndGame through Nebula.

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