8 Scared Moments of Mad Titan Thanos in Marvel

8 Scared Moments of Mad Titan Thanos in Marvel

8 Scared Moments of Mad Titan Thanos in Marvel

The Mad Titan Thanos is the most powerful being in the universe of Marvel (MCU). He first appeared in "The Avengers (2012)" and died in "Avengers: EndGame". He is Mad because his aim is to wipe out half of the universe population so that the other half can live in peace that is why he collected infinity stones. He destroyed Many planets, killed many peoples to achieve his aim. It was difficult for every superhero to defeat Thanos, he even defeated Hulk in a hand to hand combat and almost defeated the three most powerful and famous superheroes(IronMan, Captain America, and Thor) without the use of Infinity stones. Even in 14 million possibilities, only one time Thanos had been defeated (in EndGame). Now anyone can guess the power of Thanos. Probably the greatest strength of the Mad Titan Thanos is well his strength this is the guy strong enough to punch the Incredible Hulk back into Bruce Banner. The point is there are very few things in the universe that are capable of giving Thanos pause, even without the Infinity stones he's a force to be reckoned with but that doesn't mean Mad Titan Thanos never gets scared in Marvel. Have you ever wondered what it takes to scared the Mad Titan Thanos in Marvel? well let's find out:-


We could go on about how powerful Thanos is, but if you're a Marvel fan you probably already got that memo but you know what's more powerful than the Mad Titan Thanos, the Infinity Stones. Just one of these ultra-powerful magical stones is enough to do some serious damage even to someone like Mad Titan Thanos himself but with all of them, anyone can become pretty much unstoppable just like Thanos. The fact that Thanos got to experience his most victorious moment made it all the more terrifying for him when things got changed upside down in EndGame. We could go on and on about the similarities between Thanos and Tony Stark that make them the perfect rivals but we'll do that a little later on. Right now we just want to reveal the scared big purple dumb face of Mad Titan Thanos when he realized Tony had all the Infinity stones and he didn't in Marvels EndGame.

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2. THOR 

Scared Moments of Mad Titan Thanos in Marvel(Thor)

Thanos may have lived a life filled with horrible things but at least it was an interesting one he traveled all over the galaxy encountered tons of different sentient beings and then destroyed their populations and adopted many beings from different planets and raised their children as his own. Sure he's not a typical traveler but that's what makes him so interesting. So it definitely hard to surprise the Mad Titan Thanos but that's exactly what the God of thunder did during Avengers infinity war. Thor recently had some exciting and horrible experiences of his own including having his beloved a weapon (Mj√∂lnir) near crushed, losing his brother and watching his home getting destroyed in flames. Now anyone can say he had a little bit of rage at this point to take the revenge and the shiny new weapon called storm breaker made him more powerful. No matter how many times we watch Thor strike Thanos in the last scene of Avengers infinity war, we still regret because he did not go for the head. Although this strike didn't kill or defeated Mad Titan Thanos but it definitely scared Mad Titan Thanos in Marvels Avengers: Infinity War. Despite all his cleverness this does tend to underestimate his opponents which is pretty much a trademark trait of being a villain. 

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Scared Thanos in Marvel(Overpopulation)

Wiping out half of all life in the universe is generally considered to be a serious crime, very very serious crime but the MCU version of Thanos has a pretty different motivation than his motivation in the comics. In Comic book, Thanos collects the Infinity stones to wipes out half of all life in the universe because he's trying to impress a woman, and Do you want to know who the woman is? She is non-other then the personification of death but in the MCU Thanos is on the hunt for the Infinity stones and here is another moment where Mad Titan Thanos actually got scared because he fears what will happen if he doesn't find them. His justification for his evil crimes is that he wants to prevent suffering. Particularly the suffering that will result when overpopulation causes creatures to run through their limited resources. He claims that the shortage of Resources and overpopulation in his home planet Titan led to their Extinction and worries it can happen again on a much larger scale. Sure Mad Titan Thanos is a very bad villain in MCU but he did many sacrifices to achieve his goal including his favorite child Gamora sacrificing for Soul Stone. He was scared of what would happen if he failed in his task.


As you've probably figured out by now that Thanos is a really really bad guy but don't do you think it's curious how only a few heroes, he managed to personally take out. When he destroyed the Asgardian ship during infinity war he defeated Loki, Heimdall, and even The Incredible Hulk, ultimately the Asgardians were at their total and complete mercy. Until he totally lost his temper in endgame Mad Titan Thanos at least tries to not take lives, yet on Titan, he was definitely going to kill Tony Stark before Doctor Strange saved him by giving him the Time Stone. Was he really that furious about the little paper cut our heroes managed to give him on his head? Or was it because Tony Stark was a threat even back then? Thanos even acknowledged that he and Tony Stark have some similarities before he tried to kill him and considering how full of himself Thanos was that's a pretty big compliment coming from him. If he really wasn't worried at least about Tony Stark managing to stop him, we don't think he would have been bothered trying to take him out. Getting the time stone helped to wage that fear by giving Thanos an ultra-powerful weapon and it's the only reason why he left Tony alive. 

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Scared Moments of Mad Titan Thanos in Marvel(Odin)

Thanos is one of the most powerful characters in the MCU even without the help of the Infinity stones. But there's one character who at least Scared Mad Titan Thanos in Marvel for quite some time. Yes, we're talking about Odin the all-father former ruler of Asgard. Even though he eventually weakened after being banished from Asgard, there was a time when Odin was one of the toughest guys around. Despite the fact that he had the space stone and the reality stone at different points in time, Thanos never went to Asgard to try and take either of one of the Infinity Stone. In the comic books, Thanos has faced off against Odin before and was immediately and ridiculously defeated. So it's not hard to imagine that the same approximate power levels also existed in their MCU counterparts. Thanos his involvement with Loki might even point to the fact that he didn't want to get on Odin's bad side. Loki was pretty tight-lipped about who he was working for when he tried to obtain his father's former infinity stone during the Avengers. It is possible that Thanos didn't want to suffer from Odin's rage after the stone and so he used Loki who was already on the all father's(Odin) evil side. Some Marvel fans think that Mad Titan Thanos was waiting for Odin's death in Marvel (MCU) so that he could collect Infinity Stones easily.

Scared Thanos in Marvel(Soul)

Gamora is an aggressive warrior who has that undoubtful honor of being a Thanos' favorite child. That's almost as much honor as having a disease named after you. Now we're not saying Thanos was a good father by any stretch of the imagination he just sacrificed his daughter to just complete his Evil goal. But we're saying he was a horrible person as he loved Gamora in his own horrible way. In fact, he seemed to be scared that she would turn away from him one day. And of course the more he gave in to this fear and tried to control her, the more it motivated her to refuse him. Even the mighty Thanos cannot beat a self-fulfilling prophecy it turns out. And as we all know Thanos sacrificed Gamora in order to obtain the soul stone in the MCU. But in the comic books, Mad Titan Thanos was actually scared of acquiring the Soul stone. He feared the soul he might have to sacrifice would be his own and he definitely didn't want to live out forever in the soul world.

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There is no doubt that Thanos has been one of the most powerful and successful villains in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU). But as far as making audiences feel compassion for him, some fans feel the character falls a bit flat as we don't really get much backstory on Thanos in the movies but in the comic books he does actually have a pretty sad story. let's just say it starts out with his mom thinking he's so evil and she tries to destroy him and it really doesn't get any happier, One crucial moment in Thanos his origin story involved him getting trapped in a cave and separated from his friends. Understandably Thanos was afraid and miserable yet he refused to prey on the animals which lived within the caves. Of course, later on, he tracked down his pals and he discovered they've been attacked by the same animals he let live. Thanos is a villain but considering his comic book backstory it's not surprising at all how he ended up as he can probably imagine things didn't get any better for Thanos after he escaped from the cave and they definitely didn't get any better for those who had the misfortune of getting in his way 


Scared Moments of Mad Titan Thanos in Marvel(Galactus)

It's safe to say that Thanos doesn't have a lot of fans either in the MCU or in the comic books. He made some powerful enemies including one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe Galactus. Yes, the viciously powerful planets eater "Galactus". Usually, he's just worried about his next meal but he genuinely hates Thanos mostly because Thanos ruined one of his aforementioned(A person or thing previously mentioned) meals for him in the comic books. Honestly, we don't think Mad Titan Thanos is scared in Marvel enough of the ultra-powerful Galactus. At the very least Thanos is definitely scared by Galactus. It's no wonder that this is a villain many fans are hoping to see in the MCU in the near future. Mad Titan Thanos might be a mighty warrior but he definitely isn't cosmic entity strong at least not without the Infinity stones, unless he has a weapon like the Cosmic Cube or the heart of the universe. We would like to see Thanos versus Galactus on the big screen although it probably won't ever happen.



One of the best things about EndGame was all the hidden easter eggs and the comic book references. We're not just talking about hail Hydra said by Captain America neither we're talking about the moment Hawkeye (Barton) handed over the Infinity Gauntlet to evil Nebula. In the comic book Mad Titan Thanos gets the gauntlet and wipes out half of all population in the universe but due to his negligence and carelessness nebula ends up with having the Infinity gauntlet. This was such a disaster that even Thanos joins the fight to stop nebula and figure out a way to regain the Infinity stones but it turns out that Thanos was more than just negligent by leaving the Infinity Gauntlet lying around. This was the ultimate act of self-sabotage motivated by Thanos his own feelings of unworthiness, that's right the god of thunder isn't the only one who worries about feeling worthy. Deep down Thanos knows he didn't deserve the power of the Infinity stones so he destroys his own grand plan. Thanos is a pretty complex guy deep down. 

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